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Identity Connect

A protocol and service that allows web3 wallets to seamlessly connect with dappsPlatforms
About Identity Connect

In Web2, platforms like Google and Steam help connect users and their identities to their applications. Web3 traditionally has avoided identity management services and empowers users to own their identity via decentralized identity platforms such as self-custodial wallets and other identity management platforms.

As a user interacts with an application on one device, their identity may be managed on another. This inherently creates a challenge for enabling seamless identity integration within an application. To address this, we created Identity Connect, to be used as a platform, and protocol for coordinating across identity services and applications.

Identity Connect is a stateful service allowing asynchronous communication between dApps (desktop, mobile, browser) and wallets (custody, mobile, chrome extensions). Having a permanent stateful server as the relay between dApp and wallet allows Identity Connect to avoid any pitfalls of dropping requests and allows us to extend this to not only self-custody wallets but even identity brokering (’login with IC’), MPC, and custody services in the future.

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