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A Leading Data Provider for Reliable NFT, Wallet and Portfolio DataPlatforms
About Moralis

Moralis is a leading crypto data provider that helps companies build great user experiences, drive engagement, growth and revenue in their applications. Moralis provides scalable and cross-chain data APIs that empower developers to build engaging, data rich crypto applications that users love.

Moralis is the only crypto data platform that offers in-depth data and insights across all major EVM chains. We’re on track to expand our APIs to 100+ chains. Most companies that claim to be multi-chain offer only RPC nodes across all supported chains, and only have partial chain support for their other APIs.

Moralis is the only crypto data platform focused on growing your business. Our data products go beyond just transaction data and wallet history. Moralis provides a toolkit for growing your user engagement and revenue through our Discovery and Signals products. Moralis puts quality first, which is why we are trusted by industry leaders like MetaMask, Kraken, and many more.

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