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Apply to be an Aptos ambassador and help move the ecosystem forward. Get the opportunity to receive exclusive rewards, support for community events, access to Web3 leaders & builders.

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Beyond membership perks and the chance to champion a community you're passionate about—the Collective is also a movement. We’re building the future of Aptos.


A place for everyone

We work hard to ensure everyone who joins the Collective finds their place. So, regardless of your background, interests, or language—you’ll always find a space here to help support the Aptos mission.

Aptos Collective member with Aptos Summer swag
Aptos Collective Indonesia meetup
Aptos Collective members at a meetup


Why join the Aptos Collective?

  • Learning and Career Development

    Members of the Collective can accelerate their Web3 careers with hands-on experience and mentoring, gain early access to product launches from across the ecosystem, and connect directly with Aptos Foundation team members.
  • Next-level Networking

    Beyond gaining your due recognition as an ecosystem contributor (and the ability to enhance your CV/LinkedIn), you’ll also be able to connect with industry leaders and the greater community at Aptos Foundation events and conferences in your area.
  • Financial Perks

    Collective members not only get access to an exclusive grant program for their projects, they can also leverage backing and support for hosting their own local meetups.
  • Awesome Aptos Extras

    Opportunity to receive Member-exclusive rewards, check. A unique Discord role, naturally—and yes, limited-edition Aptos Collective swag!

Member Duties

Aptos ambassadors in real life

Becoming a Collective member comes with a number of benefits—but being a member also allows you to express your passion and contribute to the development of the ecosystem in a meaningful way. You’ll act as a champion of the Aptos ecosystem and network.

  • Host or Participate in Meetups

    Become an active participant or host in meetups dedicated to Aptos community members.
  • Plan and Run Events

    Organize and conduct events and workshops on platforms like X/Twitter Spaces, YouTube, Reddit, and more to engage the community.
  • Localize Content

    Help adapt content for non-English speaking markets to enhance the global reach of the Aptos ecosystem.
  • Create Informative Content

    Develop content that explains all aspects of the Aptos ecosystem, ensuring it is both informative and engaging.


Interested in joining? Here’s who we’re seeking:

  • Active Community Members

    Interested applicants are encouraged to engage on X/Twitter, Discord, Aptos Forum, and Telegram to familiarize themselves with the community before applying.
  • Aptos Enthusiasts

    If you are passionate about Aptos, Move, and shaping the future of the Internet, we want you!
  • Knowledge Sharers

    Ideal candidates love to educate and share their expertise with others, spreading knowledge throughout the community.
  • Team Players

    Looking for collaborative individuals ready to contribute to and lead impactful initiatives within the ecosystem.
  • Proactive Self-Starters

    We seek self-motivated individuals who proactively seek new opportunities to expand and support the community and network.


Apply to be an Aptos Collective MemberWe review applications on a rolling basis—and new members are welcomed every month. To optimize your chances, we recommend applicants familiarize themselves with the community by being a regular member of it for a few months prior.Apply Now


Common questions about the Aptos Collective

Are Collective members paid?

There are no monthly stipends or payouts for members. That said, membership does come with other benefits including eligibility to apply for exclusive grants, support for hosting events, and incentives tied to various activities/initiatives.

Can I join if I’m new to Aptos?

Yes! There are no technical requirements for membership. As long as you’re passionate about the ecosystem, and eager to share your knowledge and the things you’ve learned—you’ll find a home here.

Can I apply if I don’t speak English?

Most definitely! While conversational-level English would be helpful, we welcome members of all linguistic stripes. In fact, there is a robust network of region-specific members, with local events happening around the globe.

How often are new members added?

We process applications on a monthly schedule, and we review them on a rolling basis.

How long does the application process take?

We make every effort to evaluate applications as quickly as possible. Generally, you can expect a response within a few business days.

What is a Collective Grant? Can I fund my project idea with it?

It’s possible! The Aptos Collective Grant is a pool of grant funds that is available to Collective members to apply for and is our way of supporting, recognizing, and rewarding significant contributors to the growth and success of the network. It is exclusively offered to members of The Aptos Collective.