Aptos Foundation Grant Program

The Aptos Community is as innovative as the network itself, and the Aptos Foundation recognizes and encourages this spirit with its Grant Program.

We invite builders to apply for grants to enhance community engagement, foster educational initiatives, and champion the cause of Aptos and decentralization.

Guiding Principles

Guiding principles for grant applications

  • Open-Source Impact

    Projects must demonstrate a clear commitment to open-source principles. Preference will be given to projects that are currently open-source or have a concrete plan to open-source soon.

  • Execution Readiness

    A comprehensive project roadmap and transparent financial budget are essential. You must outline how grant funds will be used to meet your project’s goals.

  • Innovation with Move

    Projects must leverage the unique capabilities of Move, demonstrating innovative uses that distinguish your solutions from other projects.

  • Project Maturity

    A demonstrable community and MVP stage of development is required, showcasing tangible progress and readiness for scaling within the Aptos ecosystem.


Common questions about the application process

Who can apply?

We welcome a diverse range of applicants: individuals, small teams, enterprises, academic and research groups, and non-profit research organizations.

The following individuals and projects, however, are ineligible for grants due to our governing policies: “restricted persons” as defined by our Terms of Use as well as projects that actively encourage gambling, illicit trade, money laundering, pornography, or illegal activity. Also, note that US entities and citizens are not eligible for certain token-based grants, but are eligible for non-token based funding.

Can we apply for another grant during an ongoing project?

We typically encourage you to finish your current grant project before applying for another.

However, the “Gas Station” and “Security Audit Credits” programs are the exception to this. Eligible projects can apply to both if they meet the specific criteria for each. This allows projects to maximize their support and benefits from the Aptos accelerator program.

What happens after submitting my application?

Your application will be reviewed within 4 weeks. During application review, we may set up a meeting to learn more about your project.

What can I expect if my application is approved?

If your application is approved, an identity verification process will follow. After completing this verification process, you should receive a grant agreement within a week via DocuSign.

How do I complete the identity verification process?

You will receive an email from our identity verification vendor within 48 hours after you’ve gotten your acceptance email. The identity verification link expires within 24 hours. If you are a previous grant recipient, an additional identity verification form will need to be completed.

How long does it take to get my grant agreement?

After passing the identity verification process, you should receive your grant agreement within 7-14 days via DocuSign.

Do I receive grant funds immediately?

If tokens make up part of your grant, they may be subject to a “lock-up” period during which they cannot be sold or transferred for 12 months from the time they vest. The lock-up period for each portion of tokens will start independently when they vest at specific milestones.

What if my project is closed sourced or partially open‑source?

If it is not feasible for your project to be fully open-source, we still expect grantees to work towards open-source over time as their projects mature. However, our grants team may ask you to open-source the back-end code and functions related to Aptos, including smart contracts, as it pertains to your Aptos Foundation grant. This ensures that the core functionalities funded by the grant remain transparent and accessible to the Aptos community, fostering a collaborative and trustworthy development environment.

What is a milestone?

Milestones mark completion of major developments in your project's roadmap as it pertains to the scope of your grant. When drafting milestones, we take into consideration the milestones you proposed during application alongside the grant amount. Your final milestones are laid out in your signed grant agreement.