The Aptos Foundation Grant Program

Designed to offer teams, individuals, and creators all around the world non-dilutive funding to further accelerate the growth of the Aptos ecosystem.
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    The Registry

    Through our newest Grant program, The Registry, you can contribute directly to the expansion and further decentralization of the Aptos ecosystem.

    Calling for all web3 builders to select a project from our curated list in The Registry and apply for a grant to make your impact.

    Artist Grant Program

    The Artist Grant Program empowers creators across all media with non-dilutive funding and cutting-edge infrastructure.

    Envision and build in an ecosystem that nurtures innovation, with direct support from the Aptos Foundation. Your journey to revolutionize the digital art landscape begins here.

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    Aptos and Google Cloud Accelerator Program

    Google Cloud

    Aptos Foundation and Google Cloud partner on an accelerator program offering APT and Google Cloud credits.

    The program is designed to support Web3 entrepreneurs and developers to continue building for this industry's future.

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