April Wrapped: Aptos Highlights 2024

April was a big month on Aptos. From exciting new partnerships and reports, to ecosystem wins and the Aptos takeover in Asia, there’s a lot to unpack.

Let’s review Aptos’ greatest hits in the month of April. 

Institutions Ascending on Aptos

At the second Aptos ecosystem summit of the year, DeFi Days, Aptos Labs announced a big step into the future of finance with the launch of Aptos Ascend—a first-of-its-kind offering for institutions created in partnership with Microsoft, SK Telecom, Brevan Howard and BCG. 

Aptos Ascend aims to connect traditional financial services with technical advancements through a growing suite of secure, adaptable solutions on Aptos. 

Technical Innovations

Leading developer platform Shinami is bringing its full product suite to Aptos, offering devs essential tools to build dApps on Aptos. In partnership with the Aptos Foundation, Shinami will also launch a gas credits program to set a new standard for UX on the Aptos network.

Nightly Wallet and Aptos Labs unveiled the Aptos Wallet Standard, enabling teams to inject wallets into dApps seamlessly and without dApp integration. 

Aptos Learn has a new look and feel—and new tutorials for Move and Solana devs interested in building on Aptos (and more!). 

Aptos Ecosystem Spotlights

The Aptos Foundation announced a partnership with MON Protocol to strengthen the on-chain gaming ecosystem by offering Aptos game developers accelerated social awareness and adoption via access to Mon’s developer tools.

OurNetwork spotlighted contributors to the Aptos ecosystem—including Merkle Trade, Econia, Thala, Cellana, Echelon, Aries Markets and Chingari. The report also highlights Aptos’ early 2024 momentum, such as hitting All-Time High weekly active addresses of 1M and 2.5M monthly actives in March. 

With sub-second finality and unparalleled throughput, Aptos stands out as a leader in high-performance blockchains. From its innovative Block-STM execution engine to use of the Move programming language, Aptos is paving the way for the future of DeFi, gaming, and consumer…

Blockworks Research
Blockworks Research

Fragmented L2 liquidity and high mainnet fees rekindled interest for high performance chains in 2024 Q1. However, increased adoption revealed performance issues across several chains. Scalability remains a significant barrier for mass adoption. One solution? @Aptos 🧵


Blockworks also released a report on Aptos—noting how it stands apart from other blockchains due to its ability to handle large verifiable transaction loads with sub-second latency and its integration of the Move programming language.

Aptos Labs is excited to announce our partnership with @toymak3rs, where we're taking physical and digital collectibles to new heights with immersive fan experiences — starting with @deadmau5's #retro5pective 25th-anniversary tour! This collection of limited release Deadmau5…


#TOYMAK3RS and Aptos Labs have joined forces to create a blockchain-powered digital collectible component for the launch of deadmau5′ #retro5pective tour. @toymak3rs @AptosLabs @deadmau5 @deadmau5mania #deadmau5 #Web3 #Digital #Music…


Aptos Labs teamed up with Toymak3r to take collectibles to new heights with immersive fan experiences—starting with deadmau5's 25th-anniversary tour!

April Events

The Aptos takeover continued to heat up in Asia, with members of the Aptos ecosystem heading to TEAMZ Web3/AI Summit, Token2049 and Southeast Asia Blockchain Week—just to name a few.

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