April Wrapped: Aptos Top Moments

It’s been another jam-packed month full of grassroots projects for the ecosystem, from new partnerships across Web2 & Web3 to uniting developers around the globe on the Aptos World Tour. 

Here are the top moments that took over the Aptos ecosystem in April. 

Aptos x Google Join Forces for Google Cloud Web3 Startup Program

The Aptos and Google Cloud partnership is heating up with the new Google Cloud Web3 Startup Program.

The program is designed to give Web3 startups the technology, community, and resources they need to explore innovation over reliable infrastructure—enabling the evolution of dApps, Web3 tooling, services, and more.

Our partnership means that together we can provide the Aptos community with the capital and resources they need to focus on developing infrastructure.

Creating More Trust & Transparency in Web3

Leading the next wave of Web3 with trust and transparency, Aptos has created the first fully-reproducible performance benchmark test.

To establish an industry-wide performance metrics standard, Aptos is changing how users, developers, and investors make informed decisions based on a universal understanding of good performance.

At Aptos, our dedication to transparency inspired the development of this reproducible performance benchmark for clear standards and an even clearer future. 

For Web3 to grow and build mainstream trust, there is an urgent need for verifiable, real-world benchmarks. A solution: Aptos has put forth the first fully-reproducible performance benchmark test. Learn more and join the industry-wide conversation to establish consensus 👇🧵


Introducing Accessible & User-Friendly Staking

Decentralization is stepping up at Aptos with a new, more accessible, user-friendly delegated staking feature. 

Delegated staking offers flexibility and self-custody and lets individuals earn staking rewards without becoming validators. This allows users to delegate their staking power to a secure network and earn rewards—providing options outside the previous threshold. Now, multiple wallets can stake APT on a single trusted validator node. 

Introducing Aptos ‘Delegated Staking’—a new feature on Aptos that makes staking more accessible and user-friendly. Users can now delegate their staking power to a trusted network validator and earn rewards as an individual—providing options outside of the previous threshold.


Aptos Labs x Mastercard Team Up for Mastercard Crypto Credential

The future of identity is Web3. To make that a reality, Aptos Labs is partnering with Mastercard to introduce Mastercard Crypto Credential, an on-chain identity and verification framework with applications in payments, remittances, ticketing, and NFTs.

Aptos Labs aims to build new identity, security, trust, and verification tools that enable the free flow of funds between individuals worldwide. The pilot program starts with remittances sent between the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Hack Holland Applications Are Open

The next stop of the Aptos World Tour is almost here. Amsterdam, we’re coming for you with three days, five tracks, and hundreds of thousands of funding to win.

Hack Holland applications are now open. Apply here. 

Grab your friends and hack with us June 5-7 in Amsterdam. Don’t miss out. We promise it’s going to be an unforgettable experience.

Aptos World Tour Stops in Hong Kong

From Amsterdam to Tokyo to Hong Kong, there’s no end in sight for Aptos World Tour.

We were excited to bring the Aptos vibes to the Hong Kong Web3 Summit, full of insightful talks and events from Aptos Labs and C² Ventures.

It was an incredible event powered by excitement and growth around the ecosystem, especially with the Hong Kong Aptos community. We’re still buzzing from all the connections made, and we’re always happy to meet all of you.

Aptos Community Takes Over Tokyo

The fun continued when the Aptos Tokyo community took over the multi-day ETH Tokyo. Meeting new people and discussing all the amazing ways to build with Aptos was remarkable.

From our community hack with TPG and Chingari to a delicious breakfast with Saison and a super insightful dev talk with Hyperithm, Tokyo was unforgettable.

We love seeing the Aptos community show up and show out at events worldwide.

Consensus: The Ultimate Web3 Gathering 

Aptos House returned for another global Web3 community gathering at Consensus 2023 in Austin, TX. Our team loved making all the custom burgers with our logo and a ton of other swag.

Later, Aptos Labs Co-Founder Avery Ching took to the stage with an incredible talk. He shared his insights that the future of Web3 is bright—and the opportunities on Aptos, from infra to gaming to commerce, are even brighter.

Aptos Ecosystem Grants Starts Phase Two

Phase 1 of the Aptos Ecosystem Grants program was so successful that we’re continuing it for a second phase. And we’re just getting started.

The first round supported over 50 projects with $3.5M in funding. So we’re ready to give even more this time to all builders and dreamers looking to bring their innovative Web3 ideas to Aptos. 

Don’t wait. Apply today.

Supporting Community with Grant Programs 

Aptos is all about community, so we’re excited to roll out the new Artists Grants Program (APG). 

By supporting artists and creatives of all mediums, Aptos Foundation is proud to contribute to the growth of art and tech on Aptos with $20M in funding. Artists will receive the tools and resources necessary to thrive in Web3, plus individualized support to enable unique, creativity-affirming experiences.

Are you an artist or creative with an idea? Apply here.

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