Aptos Airdrop Announcement

Announcement from the Aptos Foundation poster artwork
Thank you to the Aptos Community for your support and involvement across the Aptos Incentivized Testnets prior to Mainnet Launch.

The Aptos Foundation has provided early network participants with Aptos tokens. If you are eligible to claim, you’ll receive an email from

The following community platform users are eligible for the airdrop:

  • Users who completed an application for an Aptos Incentivized Testnet

  • Users who minted an APTOS:ZERO testnet NFT (the original user who minted the NFT is eligible, not the current owner)

A critical piece of fostering the Aptos protocol is to support the Community behind it. The Community’s support of the early Aptos Incentivized Testnets, and the commemorative testnet NFT, was a significant step in securing the network and bringing Aptos to Mainnet.

Selection Criteria

Two groups of community platform users were selected for the Airdrop. Those that completed an application for one of our Aptos Incentivized Testnets (AIT 1, 2 or 3) and are eligible to receive 300 tokens. Those who minted an APTOS:ZERO testnet NFT (the original user who minted the NFT is eligible, not the current owner) and are eligible for 150 tokens.

The Aptos Foundation also used certain measures to try to eliminate bots or otherwise suspicious accounts. Users where the community platform account had over 20 wallets connected, or had an IP address that was shared with more than 20 other accounts, are not eligible for the airdrop.

Users are not eligible if they are subject to sanctions or from countries or territories that are the subject of country-wide or territory-wide sanctions (including, without limitation, Cuba, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk regions, Iran, or Syria)

In total, 23,454,750 APT tokens will be airdropped to 124,828 participants.

No Aptos Foundation or Labs employees or families were eligible for the airdrop.

Claim Process

Aptos tokens can only be claimed via the official Aptos Community page. If you are eligible, you will receive an official email from where you can also reach out for any questions or support.

About Aptos Foundation

The Aptos Foundation is located in the Cayman Islands and is dedicated to supporting the growth and development of the Aptos protocol, decentralized network, and developer ecosystem.

The mission of the Aptos Foundation is to support Aptos in fostering the growth of the network through key growth initiatives, cultivating a strong and evolving ecosystem, and attracting developers to continually improve the infrastructure of the Aptos Layer 1 blockchain.

There are no other airdrops or giveaways. Exercise extreme caution and only trust official sources and channels.

UPDATE (Oct. 19, 2022 04:07 UTC): Adjusted # of Participants and total # of Tokens

UPDATE (Oct. 20, 2022 00:50 UTC): Additional clarification for Selection Criteria

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