Flexibility, Composability, and Scalability with the Aptos Digital Asset Standard

In the ever-expanding blockchain landscape, token standards play a pivotal role in driving interoperability, efficiency, and innovation. They lay the groundwork for the creation, transfer, and management of digital assets within decentralized ecosystems.


Today, we unveil the Aptos Digital Asset Standard (DA), a revolutionary token standard designed to address the limitations of its predecessors and unlock a new era of possibilities for creators, developers, and users. This upgrade emphasizes the importance of evolving token standards to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of the blockchain ecosystem.

Digital Assets (DA) represents a significant advancement in the world of tokens, focusing particularly on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within the Aptos blockchain. Building upon invaluable feedback and extensive research, DA leverages the groundbreaking Move object model to offer unrivaled flexibility and programmability. Unlike its predecessors, DA empowers creators to evolve their NFTs over time, ensuring a dynamic and adaptive token ecosystem. By decoupling extensions from core changes, DA facilitates effortless enhancements, enabling seamless airdrops, soul binding of tokens, improved fungibility, enhanced performance, and more efficient on-chain data management.

Through simplified token management, improved user experiences, and the ability to create composable NFTs, DA empowers creators, developers, and users to unlock the full potential of their projects within the blockchain ecosystem. We invite our partners to join us on this exciting journey, where together we can shape the future of token standards and revolutionize the blockchain landscape.

Previous token standards, including TokenV1 (Aptos), SPL (Solana Program Library), and ERC721 (Ethereum’s NFT standard), played crucial roles in the early stages of blockchain development. However, these standards have certain limitations that DA aims to overcome.

TokenV1, for instance, lacked the necessary flexibility to accommodate evolving user demands. SPL, while effective for the Solana blockchain, posed interoperability challenges with other networks. ERC721, the pioneer for NFTs, was not designed for efficiency, leading to high gas costs and performance issues. Additionally, neither the ETH nor SOL token standards are designed to facilitate large/complex on-chain manipulation of token data. They tend to push almost everything off-chain, meaning there’s a huge reliance on indexers and it’s very cumbersome to write smart contracts that depend on on-chain data.

Digital Assets introduces unique enhancements to address those issues and deliver drastic improvements on Aptos by offering enhanced flexibility, improved performance, reduced gas costs, and the ability to handle large/complex on-chain manipulation of token data. DA provides a standardized yet adaptable framework for non-fungible tokens, enabling seamless interaction with digital assets across different networks.

Unveiling the Benefits of Digital Assets

Enhanced Flexibility and Evolution

DA enables Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to evolve, allowing creators to innovate and meet evolving user demands. This dynamic growth capability is vital in the digital asset space, where continuous improvement and adaptation are crucial to staying relevant and competitive.

Effortless Airdrops and Seamless Transfers

The process of airdrops is vastly simplified, making token ownership transfers more accessible and user-friendly. This seamless transfer functionality enhances user engagement and adoption, creating a more vibrant and active digital asset ecosystem.

Simplification of Fungibility

Since the token model allows the fungible asset model to be built on top in separate contracts, DA streamlines fungibility and enhances interoperability. The simplified approach to fungible tokens makes it easier for developers to create fungible assets and for users to manage and transact their digital assets, bolstering the overall user experience.

Improved Performance and Reduced Gas Costs

Through the implementation of Aptos Improvement Proposals (AIPs), DA enhances performance and reduces gas costs by more than 50%, ensuring efficient storage usage, shorter retrieval times, and optimized data access. These improvements make transactions faster and more efficient and make it more affordable for users to interact with digital assets. By adopting the Aptos Digital Asset Standard, organizations can achieve cost reductions of over 50% in many cases.

Strengthened Data Accessibility and Indexing

Improved data accessibility is significant for data-driven applications and analytics, enabling them to provide users with more accurate and comprehensive insights. DA enforces strict property maps, making on-chain data more accessible and easier to index.

Real Composability

DA introduces the concept of real composable NFTs, enabling the creation of interconnected digital assets. This feature offers immense benefits for developers, users, and the broader blockchain ecosystem, fostering innovation and expanding the possibilities of digital asset creation and management.

Digital Assets in action

While still nascent, there are multiple live iterations of DA on Aptos Mainnet, with many plans for more.

We are proud to share the stories of these projects successfully adopting DA.

DA's Object model enables dynamic and flexible on-chain management of game assets, allowing for the evolution, composition, and customization of NFTs. With DA, game items can be seamlessly minted, upgraded, and bound to user accounts, providing true ownership and value validation outside of the game environment. The integration of DA simplifies complex processes, offers efficient storage utilization, and improves data access, resulting in enhanced development capabilities and shorter retrieval times for developers like METAPIXEL.

By leveraging DA's Object model, METAPIXEL demonstrates how game assets can be minted as NFTs, made soul bound, and upgraded in real-time, all within a single Token object. This approach enables the creation of composable NFTs, revolutionizing the gaming experience and disrupting traditional markets. METAPIXEL's use case showcases the power and versatility of DA, providing a glimpse into the future of web3 games and the immense value they can offer to users.

Mokshya has also cleverly implemented this new standard through its Digital Asset Wrapper module. This module is designed to wrap existing tokens into DA, allowing for a seamless migration that preserves the ownership and attributes of the original tokens.

The token wrap program burns existing NFTs and mints the same NFT in the new token standard. This process provides an elegant solution for projects seeking to upgrade to the new standard without sacrificing the integrity of their existing tokens. Check out a detailed explanation and the complete code here.


BRAWL3R is an online platform fighter game that features blue-chip Aptos NFTs as characters. Using the Aptos DA standard, players can equip their characters with in-game items, such as swords and guns, allowing for unprecedented customizability and flexibility in character creation. This enables players to mix and match different NFTs to create unique and powerful Brawlers that suit their playstyle. Additionally, the game uses the DA Object model to encapsulate soul-bound stats, ELO ratings, and achievement credentials within an overarching Profile object. This reputation framework is extensible across any game, allowing for the creation of a composite ‘gamerscore’ on-chain.

Our Vibrant Ecosystem: A Foundation for Innovation

Eager to innovate as well? The adoption of the Aptos Digital Asset Standard isn't limited to games. Our thriving ecosystem provides an infrastructure of DA support through to pave the way for innovative digital asset management.:

Their support and collaboration underscore the flexibility and universal applicability of the DA standard, opening up limitless opportunities for future projects.


DA represents a significant leap forward in token standards, redefining the possibilities within a blockchain ecosystem. By introducing unparalleled flexibility, enhanced functionality, and simplified token management, DA empowers creators and developers to unlock the true potential of their projects. With its seamless upgradability and innovative features, DA is poised to unlock a new realm of decentralized innovation.

We invite developers, creators, and enthusiasts to join us on this transformative journey. Whether you're building a new project or looking to enhance existing ones, implementing DA can revolutionize the way you interact with digital assets within the blockchain ecosystem. Our team at Aptos Labs is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way, providing SDKs, marketplace integration examples, and migration tools to facilitate a smooth transition.

To learn more, check out our detailed developer documentation!

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