Aptos Foundation and Alibaba Cloud Boost Web3 in Japan

Aptos Foundation and Alibaba Cloud are collaborating to enhance Japan's Web3 ecosystem and improve regional accessibility.


  • Together, they launched Alcove, Asia's first co-branded Move developer community, to promote smart contract programming languages in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Aptos Foundation will host hackathons and educational events using Alibaba Cloud's technology to support the emerging Web3 talent in the Alcove Japan community and accelerate the development of Japan’s on-chain ecosystem.

The Aptos Foundation is teaming up with Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of the Alibaba Group, to strengthen Japan's Web3 ecosystem and improve regional accessibility in APAC. This collaboration launched Alcove, Asia’s first co-branded Move developer community, to enhance accessibility and foster innovation across the region, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of Asia’s Web3 landscape.

Alcove: The New Nexus for Move Developers

Alcove’s mission is to amplify the impact and proliferation of the Move smart contract programming language among talented developers. Move on Aptos offers security, speed, and scalability for mass adoption in the Asia-Pacific region.

With Alcove, Aptos Foundation and Alibaba Cloud are creating a fertile ground for developers to thrive, innovate, and lead the next wave of digital transformation.

Accelerating Japan's On-Chain Development

Japan is uniquely positioned to champion the benefits of Web3 and digital assets on the global stage, thanks to its advanced regulatory framework and tech-savvy populace.

To accelerate on-chain development, Aptos Foundation is spearheading a series of Alcove initiatives, starting with a Move developer meetup co-hosted by OKCoin Japan and Alibaba Cloud. This event aims to empower builders, providing them with the tools and knowledge to realize real-world use cases and demonstrate the tangible benefits of Web3 and digital assets in Japan.

Empowering Emerging Talent through Hackathons

Harnessing Alibaba Cloud technology, Aptos Foundation will also host a series of hackathons for the Alcove community. These events are designed to further cultivate emerging Web3 talent, offering participants the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and inspire the next generation of Web3 developers and innovators.

A Vision for the Future

“Partnering with the Alibaba Cloud team and with the help of their technology, we aim to create a vibrant environment that allows Japan’s growing interest in Web3 and IP strengths to flourish,” said Bashar Lazaar, Head of Grants and Ecosystem at Aptos Foundation. “As the foundation working to expand Aptos’ ecosystem worldwide, we’re committed to creating the best user experiences for the next generation of developers, in Japan, APAC and beyond.” 

This collaboration marks a significant step in advancing Japan’s role in the global Web3 landscape, setting the stage for a new era of digital innovation powered by Aptos.

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