Aptos and Livepeer Empower the Next Generation Creator Economy

Aptos & Livepeer poster artwork
Decentralized, low-fee streaming for creators and builders.

Why it matters:

  • Aptos and Livepeer support content owners to define the next generation of the creator economy.

Big news for creators: Livepeer, the decentralized video streaming network, has integrated with Aptos to provide seamless video streaming capabilities. This integration empowers creators with easy-to-use, low-fee content ownership.

The Aptos network is the lowest-latency production blockchain in the market. This means fast execution and smooth building process for both creators and developers using Livepeer on Aptos. Creators will also have the tools to grow and scale their content, cost-efficiently. Developers can build easily for creators’ billions of users.

Democratizing video is a first step toward a more ‘creator-friendly’ creator economy where billions (and growing) of global users consume creator content daily.

From TikTok to YouTube, video content has become the preferred way to share for billions of global internet users. In the past year, TikTok alone saw 15% year-over-year growth, while YouTube saw over 2.5 billion active global users with typical average usage of over 23 hours each month. However, rising production costs, decreased ad revenue and difficult content discovery algorithms make it hard for video creators to succeed on centralized platforms.

Livepeer provides high-quality video streaming capabilities at a fraction of the cost of traditional providers. The efficiency of the Aptos blockchain ensures a smooth, easy, and cost-friendly transition for creators to take control of their content. This means more money can enter (and stay) in creators' pockets.

It has never been more important to support the transition of power back to creators, and we’re happy Aptos can provide the architecture for this shift.
Mo Shaikh, co-founder and CEO of Aptos Labs.

To accelerate this shift, Aptos and Livepeer will soon offer streaming credits to developers building with Livepeer on the Aptos network! This promotes high-quality video functionality within ecosystem applications and communities, across the web.

As the Livepeer network continues to grow, it’s important developers building in ecosystems like Aptos can integrate rich video experiences like live streaming and video NFTs into their projects. Partners with the shared goal of developer growth like Aptos are key to expanding web3.
Petkanics, Livepeer Studio CEO & co-founder.

Join the next wave of web3 and build with us today!

Need some inspiration to get started? Explore these sample apps, created by the Livepeer team, demonstrating the power of Aptos and Livepeer:

For real-time updates on Livepeer’s integration with the Aptos ecosystem, follow along via Aptos’ social channels: TwitterDiscordDiscussion Forum.

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