On-Chain Data Capabilities Enhanced on Aptos with Integration of Dune, Nansen, and Other Top Providers

Accessible decentralized data has arrived on Aptos – bringing with it an unprecedented opportunity to unlock growth, real-time transparency, and trust in Web3.


  • The Aptos Foundation is expanding and launching multiple partnerships with top data integration providers including Dune, Nansen, Space & Time, Token Terminal, DappRadar, Elliptic, The Tie, and Flipside. 

  • Leveraging Move, these partnerships ensure that anyone within the Aptos ecosystem will have access to a full range of data integration services for added transparency and security. 

  • The result: everything from data standardization to dApp searchability gets simpler on Aptos.

  • For partners, Aptos is a useful and secure non-EVM gateway to the fastest growing community of projects ready and eager to benefit from world-class data integrations and benefit from an added layer of trust and security.

The Aptos Foundation is partnering with Web3’s largest data providers including Dune, Nansen, Token Terminal and others to offer a full range of data integration services across use cases to everyone and anyone building on Aptos. With these partnerships in place, everything from data standardization to dApp searchability will be simpler for devs and users in the Aptos community. 

Data transparency is essential in Web3. We’re proud of the data ecosystem Aptos has built so far, and these high-impact data partners will make the ecosystem even stronger by introducing a higher standard of data and transparency Web3-wide. By integrating Aptos, these providers’ secure data services will be used readily by Aptos’ far-reaching and enthusiastic dev community – for an even stronger data foundation that reinforces the Aptos project and partner network from within.

Partnerships That Matter: Providing Data to Disruptors, Faster

The Aptos network is on a meteoric rise to the top, with industry-leading developer activity and +360% growth in monthly active addresses year-over-year.

Aptos’ breakthrough technology and programming language, Move, is designed to help projects integrate seamlessly and securely. This easy ramp-up means less time-to-market in exchange for the greatest impact across Web3’s most disruptive and innovative developers.

The speed and security built into Aptos’ tech make Aptos an attractive blockchain not just for ease of development, but for expanding reach and industry dominance alongside leaders in the Web3 space. With over 10M all time addresses created on Aptos, partners gain access to a thriving community and robust network of projects and partners – expanding what’s possible on-chain alongside industry giants like Google Cloud and NBCUniversal. 

If it’s happening in Web3, it’s happening on Aptos.

Data Partners Joining the Aptos Ecosystem

The Aptos Foundation’s new data partners span use cases, projects, and value props, bringing the best of it all to the Aptos ecosystem. Meet a few of them here: 

  • DappRadar is the World’s Dapp Store, tracking 15,000+ dapps in DeFi, gaming, social, and more, and 39,000+ NFT collections on more than 60 chains. DappRadar is on a mission to support Web3 users as they discover new dapps, providing on-chain data and insights to help them make decisions along the way. 

  • Dune Analytics is a leading blockchain data platform on a mission to make data accessible through organized, decoded, human-readable cross-chain data. Millions of users and contributors leverage DUNE’s largest and most comprehensive dataset on the market. In fact, they have 1.5M datasets, 3TB of data added daily, 600,000 decoded tables, and 14 chains coverage with full historical data.

  • Elliptic is a risk management platform for Web3 businesses, governments, and financial institutions worldwide. Elliptic has assessed risk on transactions worth several trillion dollars, uncovering activities related to money laundering, terrorist fundraising, fraud, and other financial crimes.

  • Flipside Crypto is an on-chain data analytics platform that empowers the Web3 community to build better data-driven products. Flipside offers free access to their reliable data across 20+ blockchains; plus their data is labeled, making it easy for devs and analysts to query, create, and build. 

  • Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform that enriches on-chain data with millions of wallet labels. 

  • Space and Time scales zero-knowledge proofs in a decentralized data warehouse loaded with on- and off-chain data. They prioritize security, ensuring tamper-proof communications at scale. 

  • The Tie services hundreds of leading entities in web3. Through this partnership, leading organizations will have unparalleled access to raw and transformed Aptos blockchain data as well as exposure to developments across the Aptos ecosystem. 

  • Token Terminal is a full-stack on-chain data platform focused on standardizing data for the most widely used blockchains and dApps out there. Token Terminal ingests over 100k transactions per day from more than 15 blockchains and manages over 50TB of raw blockchain data to power its industry-leading standardized data sets. 

Testimonials and Use Cases

Current and upcoming Aptos integrations get the very best Web3 experience out of building on Aptos. Don’t take our word for it – here’s what they’ve said.

We are thrilled to embark on this collaboration with the Aptos Foundation. As crypto's data platform, our mission is to make crypto data accessible for everyone. This integration will open up a new world of possibilities for Dune's community and users, including giving every industry participant data insights and tools beyond only the EVM landscape.
Fredrik Haga, Co-Founder & CEO of Dune
We’re excited to partner with Aptos [Foundation] to deliver best-in-class, on-chain data and analytics to their ecosystem. This collaboration will empower . . .  crypto teams to dive deep into the Aptos ecosystem.
Alex Svanevik, CEO of Nansen
This exciting partnership with Aptos enriches our data offerings on The Tie Terminal and will help  showcase the rapidly growing Aptos ecosystem.
Josh Frank, CEO of The Tie
Using Move has been a breeze for both our Data Engineering team and analyst communities to digest, curate and analyze on-chain activity on Aptos. This ease of Move has translated into faster production of analytics for projects within the Aptos community.
Connor Flanagan, Ecosystem Lead, Flipside Crypto
We index Aptos in real time and store the entire chain state history in SxT so developers can start building with Aptos data right away. Our indexer is powered by ZK, so devs know they're getting accurate, complete, tamperproof Aptos data.
Scott Dykstra, CTO and Co-Founder, Space and Time

Looking Forward 

This is a milestone moment – but also just the beginning. Builders, stay tuned for more developments from these new partners in the coming weeks. Data providers, learn more on how you can engage with the Aptos ecosystem and community.

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