Aptos x Sushi: Unlocking New Levels of Interoperability

TL;DR: Sushi expands to Aptos, the first non-EVM chain in its history. The next phase will center around world-class UX and interoperability.

Sushi, a leading multi-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) built on Ethereum, is expanding to Aptos Network. This integration marks the first non-EVM chain for Sushi, and Aptos is the only Layer 1 blockchain delivering enterprise-grade scalability, reliability, security and usability. 

Sushi v2 AMM and SushiXswap–will be integrated onto the Aptos network. The first-ever non-EVM integration with Aptos is key to advancing Sushi’s goals for cross-chain and multi-chain prominence.

While this is a significant milestone for both Sushi and Aptos, it’s just the beginning. Further integrations are coming soon, focusing on world-class UX and interoperability for Sushi and Aptos users and builders. 

At Aptos, we wholeheartedly believe in the potential of Web3 to bring real opportunities to real people, whether that means broader access to services or greater ownership over creative output. It’s why we helped create Move and why we’re excited about what’s possible with security- and UX-focused platforms like Sushi, and with projects powered by our global builder community.

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