That’s A Wrap! Seoul Hack Recap + Winners!

Aptos Seoul Hack 2023 Recap poster artwork
400+ applicants. 180+ participants. 15 winners.

Brilliant new ideas. Supportive community. Innovative presentations. We were blown away by the creativity, passion, and skill that was on display at our first ever World Tour Hack in Seoul, Korea.

From start to finish, Aptos Seoul Hack was a big success. Let’s dive into it with a recap of the event and…*drumroll please*... the official announcement of our Seoul Hack winners!


On the heels of previous Aptos community events in Korea (Korea Blockchain WeekAptos Game Night in BusanXangle Blockchain Foundation Week), the Seoul Hack stop of Aptos World Tour took place from February 1-3, 2023. Aptos love and developer talent in the region are fierce – it was the perfect place for the first stop of the World Tour.

After narrowing down submissions from over 400 applicants, Seoul Hack brought together 180+ hackers and Aptos team members from around the world.

Aptos Seoul Hack 2023 event in Seoul, South Korea with participants engaging in the hackaton

The event aimed to encourage innovation on Aptos across five different tracks: Gaming, Social/NFTs, DeFi, Tooling, and the Move language. The Seoul Hack provided a supportive environment and platform for participating hackers to showcase their skills, ideas, and passion for Aptos with a mix of speeches and panels by Aptos leaders and industry experts plus break-out sessions for teams across the five tracks.

Aptos Seoul Hack 2023 hackathon event in Seoul, South Korea speaker on stage giving presentationAptos Seoul Hack 2023 hackathon event in Seoul, South Korea speakers with Neil H


The main event of Seoul Hack was the hackathon competition itself, where teams of developers and strategists worked on building Aptos-based applications throughout the 3-day period. The prize? A shot at one of the fifteen awards comprising the $500k pool, plus ongoing incubator and ecosystem support of $2.5M for projects continuing to build out of the hackathon and the broader Korean ecosystem.

The competition was intense. The overabundance of brilliant ideas exceeded our wildest expectations. Over 50 projects were officially submitted into the hackathon, making for an incredibly fierce and competitive display of talent.

Announcing the 2023 Seoul Hack Winners!

Demo Day was the Seoul Hack showstopper. Our 9 judges were impressed by every project presentation, and it was difficult to select the winners from the 50+ innovative projects. Each project was ranked on Effort/Execution (50%), Innovation (30%), and Presentation of Idea, i.e. Slides/Deck, Delivery (20%). 

However, after careful consideration, 15 projects emerged as the winners of this year’s Seoul hackathon.

Presenting the 2023 Aptos World Tour Seoul Hack Winners:

Track: Gaming

1st Place: AptoPlay

Aptoplay facilitates effortless integration and a seamless user experience for game developers building on the Aptos network.

2nd Place: Yours

Yours is a gaming-focused wallet enabling issuance, exchange and enhancement of in-game assets, while measuring player activity through data captured offline, online and on the Aptos network.

3rd Place: CannedBi

CannedBi is a "digital pet" game built around a metaverse web platform on the Aptos network, incorporating GameFi dynamics such as on-chain quest completion, NFT badge issuance and token staking for boosted in-game asset earning dynamics.

Honorable Mention: Game Station

Game Station provides developer tooling for frictionless onboarding of web2 games onto the Aptos network.

Track: Social/NFTs

1st Place: Life Mining

Life Mining is a Social Media application leveraging video-recordings of challenges and achievements to issue SBT NFT collectibles, helping users build a more authentic representation of themselves, online and on the Aptos network.

2nd Place: PerSecond

PerSecond allows its users to generate a meeting link and share it with the intended expert, setting the time-based payment stream through the Aptos network.

3rd Place: DID You Eat?

DID You Eat allows customers to collect unique SBTs from the restaurants they visit, capturing the memories and experiences of each dining adventure while enabling restaurants to build a granular understanding of their customer base, on the Aptos network.

Honorable Mention: Ourchive by USDC@SNU

Ourchive is a decentralized marketplace for Stock Images, solving for high fees, copyright management issues and clunky Mobile UX, through NFTs for transparent and effective ownership management on the Aptos network.

Track: DeFi

1st Place: Merkle Trade

Merkle Trade is a decentralized, leveraged trading platform enabling users to trade crypto & forex with up to 1000x leverage on the Aptos network.

2nd Place: Neutral Alpha

Neutral Alpha aims to provide a solution for AMM pool contributors suffering from impermanent loss, mainly through derivative-linked security models from traditional finance helping LP contributors hedge their risk.

3rd Place: Umi Pool (Umi AMM)

Umi Pool is an AMM with a currency basket-style liquidity pool helping achieve increased profitability and reduced impermanent loss, through active liquidity control and rebalancing mechanisms.

Honorable Mention: Invincible Aptos

Invincible Aptos is a DeFi undertaking combining liquid staking, leverage and token swap to optimize for risk-hedging on the Aptos network.

Track: Tooling

1st Place: MoveHub

MoveHub aims to be the easiest way for developers to search, promote and build their own application on the Aptos network, by providing support in indexing and identification of modules that can be combined without the hassle of coding.

2nd Place: Genie

The Genie is a solution built on the Aptos network, providing a unified identity layer for users across Web2 and Web3 platforms, connecting social network profiles for seamless navigation.

3rd Place: InBond

InBond is a convertible bond protocol on Aptos network aimed at protecting investors, by helping ensure funds raised on-chain leverage Investor votes on funding drawdown.

Honorable Mention: Dittos

Dittos is a zero-knowledge address abstraction (zkAA) solution, aiming to eliminate the need for address mapping while enabling the direct use of web2 identity on the Aptos network.

Track: Best Move

1st Place: Werewolf and Witch

Werewolf and Witch is a fully decentralized, NFT-based, War game built on the Aptos network.

2nd Place: Options Factory

Options Factory enables Institutions and DeFi users to mint long/short positions for European call/put options.

3rd Place: Coin Object (NodeInfra)

Coin object was developed as a Module enabling the development of object-based coins along with an indexer API to query object-based coins and tokens.

Honorable Mention: Clank

Clank is a conditional Multi-factor Authentication solution built on the Aptos network.

In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing deep dives into these winning projects, following their journey from hackathon to ecosystem integration! Stay tuned for more information.


Let's give a round of applause to our top teams. Congratulations to all the participants for making the first stop on the Aptos World Tour such a resounding success.

Aptos Seoul Hack 2023 hackathon event in Seoul, South Korea LED display board with event logoAptos Seoul Hack 2023 hackathon event in Seoul, South Korea with participants and Mo Shaikh

Planning for the next stop on the Aptos World Tour is well underway. With all the great feedback we received on our first event, the next hack promises to be even bigger and better.

We can't wait to see what these talented teams will come up with next, and we hope that this hackathon has inspired and ignited a passion for Web3 technology in all of you.

See you at the next stop!

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