Aptos Foundation Launches Artist Grant Program

Introducing Aptos Artist Grant Program poster artwork
Art and technology have always evolved in tandem.

The advent of blockchain and Web3 technology kicked that evolution into overdrive, creating an entirely new canvas for artists and creators to make things, share ideas, and build community. But success requires funding—now and for the long-term.

Aptos Foundation is proud to contribute to a dynamic balance of evolution and support with our new $20M Artist Grants Program (AGP). The initiative will build on the $3M resources already delivered to artists looking to utilize blockchain and Web3 to scale.

How it works

AGP is a rolling grants program reinvented to support artists and creatives of all mediums. The program will launch on the Aptos Foundation website, where artists can fill out a form to register their interest.

Approved applicants will receive both funding and access to the infrastructure they need to make the most of the Aptos ecosystem, enjoying a direct line to Aptos’ core team for as-needed support. They will also benefit from a dedicated exclusive community of other creatives for idea sharing and project planning.

How it’s different

Other grant programs in Web3 bring artists and creators into a rigid, well-established system created with little or no input during development. Aptos Foundation is purposefully bringing in artists and creators early to help shape the values and diversity of the AGP community. Additionally, artists and creators selected to receive grants also have the ability to directly work with the Aptos Foundation to build out new programs to best support creators.

In other words, AGP’s equity free grants will allow artists to pursue their passion and earn additional streams of revenue while utilizing Web3.

Why Now?

The Artist Grants Program intends to attract top-tier talent to Web3, reward artists for creating new art on Aptos, and create a thriving community of creators. Aptos recognizes the immense potential of blockchain and Web3 technology, and AGP is just one of the many initiatives the foundation has taken to support and empower creators in this space.

While similar programs have been introduced in the past, AGP is designed to move quickly and efficiently to deploy capital and scale artists' impact within the ecosystem. Aptos Foundation has already deployed over $3M towards artists and builders in the NFT space and is committed to continuing its support for creators.

We’re launching AGP because we want to give artists and creators a chance to shape Web3-powered programs from the outset. In addition to funding and support, we want to help artists navigate a crowded space and explore new creative ecosystems. We want to give them every chance to thrive in a Web3 environment like Aptos.

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