July Wrapped: Aptos Highlights 2023

Aptos Wrapped is here to get you up-to-date on everything happening in the ecosystem, including some exciting updates in Aptos Gaming, Social and Infrastructure.

Aptos in Development

Aptos recently launched The Registry, a grant program highlighting ongoing projects that will bring enormous impact to the Aptos blockchain when finished. Our aim is to get builders directly involved in developing the Aptos ecosystem and working actively on projects that inspire them.

Find an inspiring project and build the future of web3:

Aptos x Pyth Network

We think builders should be empowered to develop without financial or technological barriers. 

That’s why Aptos just partnered with PythNetwork Data Association to make low-cost, low-latency pricing tools available for all web3 devs. Supporting oracle tooling is part of our joint commitment to helping developers build fairer, more transparent markets in the years to come. 

Metapixel Gaming Meetup

Thousands of Aptos gamers reuinited for Metapixel’s 2nd Community Test of Gran Saga: Unlimited. We hope you guys had a chance to get some games in with our community! 

PSA: Testers, don’t forget to claim your rewards.

Making Waves with Surf

We love to see devs delivering QOL changes, especially when they make the development process easier for other builders. ThalaLabs just launched Surf, an open source, type-safe script that leverages React Hooks, to make planning out your code on Aptos more intuitive. 

Wormhole Connect v0.0.7

Wormhole Crypto proved that simplicity really is key after launching a fresh update for Connect. Now Aptos devs can add bridging to their D’App with just 3 lines of code. We’re thrilled to see how this update will impact future Aptos projects.

Martian Portfolio Spotted

Martian Wallet is bringing otherwordly rewards to the real world with their upcoming Aptos “Portfolio” release. Now you can earn more while managing your web3 portfolio. A strong investment for both Aptos and the Martian Wallet team. 

Petra Goes Mobile

PetraWallet just brought APT staking to a mobile audience with their latest update, giving users the ability to earn in new ways and secure the Aptos network, wherever they are. 

Aptos Multisig v2 and Econia v4

Our friends at Econia just released a series of new governance tools with Aptos Multisig v2 and Econia v4. As part of the new Aptos CLI update, developers will be able to deploy and govern protocols on Aptos in new ways, which we expect to see positively affecting our decentralized communities.

We Built. We Saw. We Created.

We couldn’t be more proud to see how much Aptos has grown over the past year. 

If you want to make some noise on Aptos, check out the Creator Grants Program to get the funding you need to get started.

Aptos World Tour Update

We’re moving through AptosWorldTour 2023 fast! Last month, we visited Ho Chi Minh City, Paris, New York City, Tokyo, Seoul and more. 

If you didn’t get to make it, we’d be honored to meet you at our next meetup at Hack Singapore from September 11-13. 

Or come say hello at Korea Blockchain week, where multiple Aptos events will be hosted on the week of September 3rd.

Looking Ahead

The last month of Aptos Summer is already heating up. Stay tuned for more updates, coming in August.

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