June Wrapped: Aptos Highlights 2024

Summer is here, and things are certainly heating up on Aptos.

From the launch of Aptos Foundation’s first-ever online global hackathon to new tooling, there’s never been a better time for developers to build on Aptos. Plus, June saw more partnerships and ecosystem collaborations come to fruition with Aptos Experience right around the corner.

Catch up on all things Aptos in June!


Get ready builders, because the Aptos Foundation announced its first-ever global online hackathon, CodeCollision this month. With 5 deep-dive tracks, $500K prize pool and three CoedJams taking place in the Bay Area, Seoul and NYC, what are you waiting for? Register now


OurNetwork spotlights Aptos among other L1s, highlighting the near 10 million new users who have joined Aptos since the start of 2024 and a record-breaking day for Aptos which saw 160 million transactions on May 25—the most daily transactions on a Layer-1 blockchain. 

Aptos Labs and NBCUniversal inked a long-term partnership to bring innovative Web3 fan experiences, customer loyalty programs and gaming to the entertainment giant. 

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The Aptos Foundation introduced a proposal to deploy Aave V3 on Aptos Mainnet, with which would be the first non-EVM network supported by Aave. 

Nearly 30K listeners tuned into an AMA with ODailyChina and Aptos’ China community for a deep dive into the projects powering the open finance revolution. 


ICYMI, the next generation of Web3 user onboarding is here with Aptos Connect—a self-custodial wallet offering keyless, secure access for the ultimate user experience. 

Aptos Labs re-introduced create-aptos-dapp, a starter kit for developers building dApps on 


Shoal levels up in the latest Aptos Labs research! With Shoal++, researchers @SashaSpiegelman @ibalajiarun @zekun000 achieve sub-second latency at 100k tps throughput, via a comprehensive testnet including 📍 100 nodes 🌏 10 regions 💫 spanning over 6 continents

Alexander Spiegelman
Alexander Spiegelman

1\10 Happy to share Shoal++, our Next Generation DAG BFT system. TL;DR: Shoal++ supercharges Shoal to achieve near-optimal theoretical latency while preserving the high throughput and robustness of state-of-the-art DAG BFT protocols. Check out the post or keep reading the 🧵…


The Aptos Labs research team unveiled Shoal++, a next-generation DAG BFT system to achieve sub-second latency on Aptos at 100k tps throughput, via a comprehensive testnet. 


More projects joined the Aptos ecosystem via grants from the Aptos Foundation, including  Sentio and AssetDash

Interested in building on Aptos? Applications are now open for the next wave of Registry Grants, where developers can apply to bring innovative ideas to life and make their mark in the world of DeFi on Aptos. Details here

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