March Wrapped: Aptos Highlights 2024

The Aptos ecosystem continued to heat up in March with exciting partnerships, the second summit of the year and much more.

There’s almost too many highlights to mention, but here are some of our favorites in case you missed it. 

Defi Days Takes Over Hong Kong

The Aptos DeFi takeover headed to Hong Kong for DeFi Days—the second ecosystem summit of the year which brought together more than 150 DeFi builders for three jam-packed days of panels covering Move, DeFi, real-world assets, tokenomics and more. 

Hosted in one of the great innovation capitals of the world, Aptos Foundation welcomed speakers from ecosystem teams including: Merkle Trade, Qiro Finance, Helix, Econia, Panora, Jambo, Thala Labs, mirage protocol, Pontem and Aries Markets

Defi On Aptos

At March end, DeFi activity on Aptos reached new milestones: 

  • More than 315% TVL growth to $508M  

  • Weekly Active Addresses hit 1M (ATH since 2023)

  • Monthly Actives hit 2.5M (ATH since 2023)

The Aptos DeFi ecosystem celebrated growth milestones and launches as well, including Econia which launched its Reference Frontend for developers to streamline early-stage DeFi product development. 

Echelon launched on Aptos to ensure a secure, composable and capital-efficient future for Move DeFi.

SwapGPT rebranded to Panora and saw volume grow 260% to $18M as a result. 

Kana Labs teamed up with Chingari to sponsor gasless transactions on Aptos, with more than 10 millions transactions sponsored in just 3 months. Plus, more Kana products announced!


Superposition announced a multi-chain offering rollout on Aptos to unlock DeFi interoperability. 

Technical Innovations

The first-ever online Aptos RaNd0M Hack concluded with 280 applicants! The community voted on which projects best harnessed the power of Aptos Roll, Aptos' on-chain randomness API, most effectively with the five winners including:

  • 1st Place: Move Mania

  • 2nd Place: LYNC 

  • 3rd Place: Lucky Leopards Club 

  • 4th Place: Supervillain Labs

  • 5th: Aptos Tarot 

To celebrate Petra hitting 500K users, all Petra Mobile users could claim a FREE .petra.apt name—enabling every Petra user to represent themselves in a unique and recognizable way on Aptos.

Aptos Ecosystem Spotlights

Aptos Labs welcomed Google Cloud to Aptos GameStack, enabling game devs to merge Google Cloud’s data, analytics and AI/ML solutions with the suite of Web3 game tools available on Aptos. 

Dune integrated Aptos, allowing users and developers to take advantage of enhanced transparency and security. 

Aptos Foundation, Stargate and LayerZero deepened its Aptos integration to help users more easily navigate DeFi on Aptos.

The Aptos Foundation and Movement Labs came together to integrate Aptos' Data Availability capabilities with the Move Stack–a huge milestone connecting Aptos with Ethereum and EVM-aligned apps, networks, and frameworks on Movement.

TokenTerminal seamlessly integrated Aptos, bringing institutional-grade on-chain analytics to the entire Aptos ecosystem.

Aptos Labs and teamed up to make AI technology more accessible on the Aptos network.

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