March Wrapped: Aptos Top Moments 2023

Aptos Top Moments March 2023 poster artwork
March was full of major moves taking place on Aptos!

All month long, we saw more community. More innovation. More performance and growth-driving wins across the ecosystem.

From the Gaming Developer Conference to Bucharest Hack and Interop Summit to an Aptos-powered Web3 game for NBC Universal’s Renfield, we’re continuing to showcase our value, diversifying use cases and bringing Web3 to all.

Here's a recap of what happened in the Aptos ecosystem this month.

Aptos x NBC Studios: FREE RENFIELD

March was exciting for Web3 innovation, with Aptos Labs and NBCUniversal joining forces to pull fans deeper into Nicolas Cage’s Dracula universe. Web3 comes to Hollywood with FREE RENFIELD—a Renfield-inspired game with Aptos-powered digital collectibles and major prizes. 

Cinema magic meets Web3 innovation, brought to life by Aptos! We’re excited to be a part of this exciting project and share it with all of you.

Replying to @Aptos

2/ New Aptos partnerships are bringing in the next wave of blockchain believers! @NBCUniversal and Aptos took Web3 to Hollywood with FREE RENFIELD, a Renfield-inspired game with Aptos-powered digital collectibles and major prizes 🧛‍♂️🎁 PLAY THE GAME 👇…


Aptos goes to Hollywood 😎 We're bringing movies to the Web3 era with FREE RENFIELD The Game, based on the horror-comedy Renfield! 🧛🎮 We joined forces with @NBCUniversal to pull fans deeper into Dracula’s universe. Cinema magic meets Web3 innovation - brought to life by…


Next Level Gaming at GDC 

METAPIXEL and Aptos took gaming to the next level at this year’s Gaming Developer Conference in San Francisco. More than 250+ attendees came to game with us and checked out GRAN SAGA, the first game from their Web3 gaming universe, powered by Aptos!

Not only was the event a great success for the Web3 gaming ecosystem, but Aptos hosted a Happy Hour that brought together the industry and our community. Thanks to everyone who came out to meet us and celebrate.

Aptos Tech Heats Up

In the last few weeks, there have been so many great next-level tech innovations from Aptos, our community, and our partnerships— it’s no wonder gaming on Aptos was fired up all month!

From the Unity Verified SDK to powerhouse metaverse projects like METAPIXEL, Aptos is emerging as the home of the Web3 gaming revolution.

Interoperability with Wormhole NFT Bridge

Cross-chain interoperability saw huge gains with Wormhole’s new Aptos NFT Bridge, making it possible to transfer NFTs between Aptos and other supported chains. 

This lets NFT lovers, creators, and collectors interact with other ecosystems using Wormhole as a bridge to and from Aptos on Portal.

Boosting Aptos Community Governance 

NFTs on Aptos saw major wins this month with interoperability and now community governance possibilities through OrderDAO, the first NFT-focused governance platform.

OrderDAO offers NFT projects on Aptos, a no-code solution that empowers communities to influence the future direction of their project. Aptos has demonstrated its commitment to strategic, meaningful investments with moves like this.

Lava Powers Decentralized APIs on Aptos 

Lava teams up with Aptos to provide fast, reliable, and private APIs, building the open standard for blockchain APIs while powering decentralized access to Aptos data. 

This gives developers access to Aptos Mainnet APIs without hosting their own infrastructure, relying on public endpoints or centralized providers. Decentralization helps achieve maximum performance, reliability, and accuracy for Aptos users. 

Lava's testnet is now open to developers for free. Check it out

Dancefloor Spotlight on KYD Labs

KYD Labs is bringing Web3 from the digital realm to the dance floor, putting consumer adoption into action!

Using its event platform, KYD Labs is revolutionizing ticket sales and RSVPs for performances at Chelsea Music Hall and Lot 45 in NYC—presenting a quicker and safer ticketing experience for passionate fans! Effortlessly converting music fanatics into brand-new Web3 users.

Another Aptos win, where culture meets innovation.

Aptos Global Participation 

Aptos made moves worldwide last month! The first stop was in India for Move India, where over 70 builders attended the Move Lang workshop, a major success! Next, Aptos Network joined the Bucharest Hack, dedicated to Romania's bright minds in tech and Web3.

Both communities brought fantastic ideas and enthusiasm to each event. We can’t wait to see what next month brings!

Aptos World Tour in Amsterdam Next

Aptos is gearing up for the next stop of the Aptos World Tour, coming to Amsterdam June 5-7, 2023. We’re bringing even bigger and better vibes this time around, and we can’t wait to see all the ideas everyone will bring to​​the table.

Calling all entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators looking to build on Aptos, don’t miss out on Hack Holland! Registration is right around the corner. Be on the lookout for updates.

Hitting New Milestones

It’s been a major month for growth on Aptos, and we’ve got the latest network numbers to prove it.

  • $66.6M TVL

  • Peak sustained real-world TPS: 2.1K+

  • Total transactions (to date): 113M+

  • Total addresses created (to date): 3.3M

  • 120+ projects live across wallets, gaming, NFTs, DeFi, infra

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