May Wrapped: Aptos Top Moments

All month long, Aptos builders shipped. The community continues to grow globally while the ecosystem continues to expand — with 150M+ total transactions on Aptos to date. 

From network launches to new ecosystem funds, here are the latest Aptos highlights from May.

Aptos x QuickNode Boost Infrastructure & Tooling 

Blockchain infrastructure on Aptos just got easier with QuickNode, which allows developers to spend more time building and innovating instead of worrying about running a node.

Together Aptos and QuickNode aim to help developers move Web3 closer to mass adoption with scalability solutions, faster transaction speeds and lower fees.

Tsunami Finance Makes Waves with Mainnet Launch

Tsunami Finance has officially released its public mainnet, Public Alpha, on Aptos— giving everyone immediate access to the protocol. 

The Public Alpha update includes the following:

  • Public access to

  • Tsunami referral codes.

  • LP cap increased to 350K.

Wormhole and Aptos Labs Raise $50M for New Projects

Aptos Labs and Wormhole are partnering to onboard the next generation of Web3 builders with a new $50M cross-chain ecosystem fund for project building.

Any Aptos projects utilizing Wormhole's cross-chain messaging protocol may be eligible for the new Cross-Chain Ecosystem Fund. 

Aptos is excited to be a part of this opportunity to foster a solid ecosystem for builders on our network.

Explore the Universe of METAPIXEL’s Gran Saga: Unlimited

METAPIXEL is opening registration for the second round of community testing for their latest game, Gran Saga: Unlimited. Try out the world of Web3 gaming with this unique experience and opportunity. 

Sign up for a first look and apply to become a tester at

ParaFi Marks 108 Validators on Aptos

Aptos welcomes ParaFi as the latest network validator, marking 108 Aptos validator networks across 23 countries.

ParaFi is a crypto-native investment and technology firm focused on token, venture, and quantitative strategies.

Let’s keep growing and improving the Aptos network together. 

Making Improvements on Aptos with Move Objects 

Aptos’ Move Objects improves performance, storage, and ownership while paving the way for future enhancements. This includes dictating capabilities associated with objects and allows users to define which resources they can receive.

Learn more about Move Objects specifications here.

Building Community with Aptos Collective

The Aptos Collective is officially onboarded and ready to serve the community. We can’t wait to see how the program grows over time in fun and creative ways that the Collective can support the ecosystem. 

Want to meet the members?

The Aptos Collective team introduction is coming soon to Twitter, Discord, and Telegram—stay tuned for updates. We're excited to spotlight these top community supporters and highlight contributors you can trust with the latest Aptos updates.

Aptos World Tour Never Sleeps

Aptos World Tour returns to South Korea for the first time since the hackathon earlier this year—the Seoul community did not miss a beat. Festivities were lively, full of workshops, community meet-ups and fun events. 

We felt the enthusiasm of the Aptos Korean community, which is only growing daily. It was nice to see some of our amazing partners, like METAPIXEL and A41 while meeting new faces in the community.

The Countdown to Hack Holland Begins

Amsterdam, Aptos is coming for you. We’re ready to see what Hack Holland offers our community of builders. 

Thank you to the many Aptos World Tour Hack Holland applicants that shared their talent and vision with us in their applications. We look forward to hacking with the best builders in Web3. 

The Next Dedicated Community of Aptos Builders 

The Aptos India community is growing rapidly, and the students are along for the ride. Aptos has partnered with Move Developers DAO for an India-based student outreach program. 

Together, we’re building the future of Web3 from the ground up with the student program designed to bridge the gap between college communities and Web3. 

We can’t wait to see what the next generation of builders has in store for Aptos.

Taking a Closer Look at Performance

Thanks to Streamflows' new report on Aptos, the community has unfiltered access to insights on 2023 Q1 – from how quickly Aptos is growing to network performance.

This has helped us to track some of our biggest accomplishments. And despite bear market conditions, Aptos exhibited resilience and achieved consistent growth, driven by on-chain development and community-led initiatives.

Read the full report

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