Shinami Launches Gas Credits Program on Aptos

Shinami, a leading developer platform, is bringing its full product suite to the Aptos network— starting with a Gas Station for the Aptos ecosystem.

The platform will offer developers essential tools to build applications on Aptos faster, with a better UX and with less overhead.

In partnership with the Aptos Foundation, Shinami has also launched a gas credits program to set the standard for user experience on the Aptos network. Shinami’s Gas Station has already facilitated over 50 million sponsored transactions, making it the most-used Gas Station in all of Web3. Now, Shinami is bringing its Gas Station product to Aptos–including easy-to-use APIs and a dashboard for tracking sponsorship activity. Whether sponsorship is applied to onboarding or throughout the user journey, removing the friction of gas fees will help apps on Aptos grow their user base.

Gas credits will go toward sponsoring end users’ transactions via Shinami’s Gas Station, and 25 teams building on Aptos will be selected for exclusive access to Shinami’s Gas Station and up to 1,000 APT in credits. Selections will be made on May 31, 2024. Teams can apply here:

TL;DR Shinami’s Gas Station aims to help Aptos builders grow their user base with improved UX, less friction via sponsored user transactions and easy-to-use APIs for seamless experimentation. 

“Aptos Move’s scalability and security represent the next generation of blockchain,” said Nikhil Chari, CEO and co-founder, Shinami. “We’re excited to partner with Aptos to accelerate the future of Web3.”

Moving forward, Shinami will continue to prioritize products and services for Aptos first. This strategic decision underscores Shinami’s commitment to Aptos and its vibrant ecosystem, ensuring that Aptos developers have access to the best tools and resources for building applications. 

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