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Aptos Connect

Keyless wallet with social login and no downloads required.Platforms
About Aptos Connect

Aptos Connect is a web-based digital asset wallet on the Aptos blockchain. It is a self-custodial wallet, meaning only you have access to and control your digital assets. Unlike most other web3 wallets, you do not need to download any software like a browser extension or mobile app to access the wallet. Instead, you access your wallet through supported apps and the Aptos Connect website.

Aptos Connect accounts are created using the Aptos blockchain’s Keyless feature, which allows you to create a blockchain account by signing in with your social account (e.g., Google). Aptos Connect with Keyless is the next evolution of blockchain account that doesn’t use a traditional private key. Instead, your social login is your private key.

More technically, your blockchain account is cryptographically linked to your social account, meaning that while you control your blockchain account via your social login, your Aptos Connect account and your social account are never publicly linked in any way.

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