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Full tech stack, SDK, plug-ins for Unity, Unreal and other engines. Platforms
About READYgg

READYgg offers a comprehensive Web3 gaming ecosystem that includes a Unity, Unreal and Godot SDKs for game development, an NFT marketplace, a full featured web3 gamification backend and tools for monetizing games through blockchain technology.  

The company provides solutions for developers to build, migrate from Web2 and monetize Web3 games, as well as for players to earn through gameplay and participation in the ecosystem, all of it being fully compliance with the most popular mobile and PC game stores. READYgg’s unique selling proposition is it’s all-in-one Web3 game development toolkit that supports games on all platforms for every player, combined with a compliant token economy and cross-game NFT assets that ensure security, transparency, and traceability. READYgg addresses the pain point of complexity in developing, monetizing, and marketing Web3 games. It simplifies the transition from web2 to web3 gaming by providing developers with easy-to-use SDKs, dashboards, and a token economy, while also offering marketing strategies to increase game exposure and build player communities.

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