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About Yours

Yours Protocol specializes in issuing NFTs or combining them with economic benefits or utility. Additionally, it offers a web2 points layer called Yours Credit, which seamlessly integrates with the web3 token reward layer. Yours Credit can be utilized in the native marketplace, enhancing its interoperability and utility.

The first feature of the protocol is NFT synthesis, allowing users to effortlessly combine utility NFTs. This functionality enables users to conveniently access the utilities of multiple NFTs in one place. Moreover, an upcoming feature will enable users to mint NFTs with financial benefits. By combining financial NFTs with non-financial counterparts, users can create derivatives or transform various digital assets into financial NFTs.

The second feature involves Yours Credit, a point layer backed by Aptos, stablecoins, and several utility tokens. These can serve as a medium of exchange or rewards at establishments that accept these utility tokens. This system benefits both companies and users, simplifying the process of providing rewards to users for companies.

Furthermore, through collaborations with payment companies like PG, it becomes easier to convert these rewards into cash.

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