Aptos RaNd0M Hack

Event poster for Aptos Random Hack 2024

The Aptos Foundation’s inaugural online hackathon is a challenge to the Aptos ecosystem and beyond: bring your most innovative ideas—no matter how RaNd0M.

Why Randomness:

Harnessing verifiable, on-chain randomness can supercharge your ideas by ensuring fair, tamper-proof outcomes. Create unique digital collectibles more efficiently with lower transaction fees. Or develop a decentralized loyalty platform with truly randomized rewards. 

From gaming to NFTs to social—the possibilities are endless.

What makes Randomness unique on Aptos:

  • Aptos Roll, Aptos’ on-chain randomness API, bypasses the need for external randomness beacons requiring fewer transactions resulting in lower gas fees

  • Aptos Roll is as secure as the network itself, eliminating exposure to third-party vulnerabilities and enhancing the overall security of your dApp.

How to Power your dApps with Randomness:

Adding the element of chance to your randomized dApp (randapp) is straightforward: simply incorporate the Aptos randomness Move Module with an API call in your code. 

Dive into our video tutorial or consult the technical documentation for insights on implementing this module in your randapp.

Ready to (Aptos) Roll?

Whether you're crafting fair-play games, building a web3 social dApp, or pioneering the next big thing in NFTs, this is your time to experiment, create, and revolutionize. 

Apply to the Aptos RaNd0M Hack today