Hack Holland 2023

Aptos Hack Holland poster artwork Amsterdam scene with sponsor logos

The Aptos Foundation is excited to host our next major global Aptos hackathon in Amsterdam, Netherlands!

Apply now for Hack Holland - Aptos' three-day, in-person-only hackathon happening in the heart of Amsterdam! Participants will code, design, network, and demo their innovative ideas with a community of Web3's best builders. No hackathon is complete without a party to close out the festivities!

Hack Tracks

Build for one of our hack tracks with prizes for winning teams across each track:

  1. NFTs, social, and gaming - sponsored by Martian

  2. DeFi & payments - sponsored by Econia

  3. Infrastructure, tooling and public goods - sponsored by Pontem

  4. Move’s Most Innovative - sponsored by Concordia

  5. Artificial intelligence (AI)

Judging Criteria

  • Aptos Blockchain Utilization (30%): How effectively does the project leverage the unique capabilities of the Aptos blockchain? This includes considerations of the project's suitability for a blockchain-based solution, the use of specific features unique to Aptos, and the potential impact of the project on the Aptos ecosystem.

  • Technical Merit (20%): How technically impressive is the project? This involves an evaluation of the technical difficulty, the sophistication of the used technologies, the elegance of the solution, and the quality of the code.

  • Innovation (20%): How novel and original is the project? Is it pushing boundaries, addressing a unique problem, or applying the Aptos blockchain in a way that hasn't been done before?

  • Project Completeness (20%): How much of the project is complete? Does it have a working prototype or, at the very least, a proof of concept? Is the solution feasible and ready to be implemented or does it still require significant development?

  • Future Potential (10%): Does the project have the potential to grow, scale, or inspire further innovation?

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Level up your Web3 dev skills through in-depth, hands-on Move journeys with Overmind. From mastering the basics to evolving with advanced exercises, these carefully designed journeys and community competitions will get you in peak developer shape before Hack Holland!

Are you ready to build the next big thing on Aptos?


Who can attend Aptos Hack Holland?

Anyone interested in learning more about or building on top of Move and Aptos is encouraged to attend!

How long is the hackathon?

The hackathon will begin on Monday, June 5, 2023 at 12:00PM and will conclude in the evening on Wednesday, June 7th.

What is the daily timeframe for the hackathon?
  • Day 1: 12pm to 12am (midnight)

  • Day 2: 12pm to 12am (midnight)

  • Day 3: 12pm to 7pm

Specific schedule details will be provided to approved applicants.

Where is Aptos Hack Holland located?

The exact location of the hackathon will be released directly to approved applicants in their acceptance email.

What should I expect if I attend?

There will be programming around Move on Aptos, how to get started on Aptos, and presentations from key partners. You will have plenty of time to work on your projects, meet new people, and seek advice and support from core Aptos engineers. We will supply food, beverages, entertainment, prizes and swag!

Do I need to apply as an individual? As a team?

Every individual needs to apply and receive approval in order to participate in Hack Holland. If you intend to attend the hackathon with a specific team, each team member needs to individually apply and receive approval.

What if I don’t have a team? How big can teams be?

You'll have some time before and at the beginning of the event to meet other participants who are looking for a team as well. We recommend that you team up with others and make new friends!

When is the application deadline?

Applications are due on May 29th. Applicants will be accepted on a rolling basis. We encourage individuals to apply as soon as possible in order to lock in their acceptance and plan for necessary travel and accommodations. Accepted applicants will be notified directly.

What are the hackathon prizes?

Prizes per track are as follows:

  • 1st place prize - $30k

  • 2nd place prize - $20k

  • 3rd place prize - $10k

Prize winners will receive their cash awards in a total sum once the hackathon is complete. The award will be provided in a mix of USD and APT.

The Foundation will also award winners bonus funding on an ongoing basis to support project development.

In addition to funding, teams will receive white-glove support on Aptos.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring your ID so our team can check you in during the event. You will also need to bring your own computer. We will supply the power, monitors, and WiFi!

What are the details of the office hours?

The Aptos core development team will have limited slots available for teams to book time with to discuss their projects and ask questions about Move and Aptos. These will take place on June 5th and 6th. To save a spot, a sign up sheet will be circulated on-site each day of the hackathon.

What are the details of the afterparty on Wednesday?

Aptos will host an afterparty in the evening of Wednesday, June 7th at a special location in Amsterdam. All participants and partners are welcome to join us! We will share the details upon registration.

Is Aptos Foundation covering accommodations?

Aptos Foundation will provide lunch and dinner Days 1 and 2 of the Hackathon and Lunch on Day 3. There is no travel support at this time unfortunately given the demand from applicants to attend. We hope you are still able to join us.

Have more questions?

Please reach out to