#AptosWorldTour: Announcing the Hack Singapore Winners!

600+ applicants. 200+ accepted. 14 talented winners. Aptos builders battled it out in Singapore. Which projects came out on top? Let’s dive in.

We were absolutely amazed by the brilliant new ideas, unwavering passion, and remarkable talent showcased at Aptos World Tour Hackathon in Singapore. From the very beginning to the grand finale, Aptos Hack Singapore was a resounding success. Let's delve into the event highlights and unveil the official winners!

Event Overview

The Singapore leg of the Aptos World Tour took place from September 11-13, and it reaffirmed our belief in the dedication of builders in the APAC region. After the tremendous success of our first hackathon in Seoul, Korea earlier in February, we knew we had to return for round 2 and tap into Singapore's incredibly innovative spirit.

The global Aptos community responded enthusiastically, with over 800 applicants eager to participate. Among them, our panel of judges meticulously selected 224 exceptional hackers. Together with Aptos Foundation team members and partner projects from around the world, we had the pleasure of hosting this talented community for three exhilarating days of Aptos innovation.

Diverse Tracks of Exploration:

Hackers were encouraged to explore ideas across five different tracks:

  • NFTs, Social, and Gaming

  • DeFi & Payments

  • Infrastructure, Tooling, and Public Goods

  • Move’s Most Innovative (sponsored by Alibaba Cloud)

  • Web3 x AI: Hacking the Future of Content Creation (sponsored by Google Cloud)

The Hack Singapore event provided a nurturing environment and a platform for participating hackers to showcase their skills, ideas, and passion for Aptos.

A Forum for Ideas and Inspiration:

The hackathon fostered a vibrant exchange of ideas and inspiration. It featured a mix of speeches and panels by Aptos leaders and industry experts, along with breakout sessions for teams focusing on the five tracks.

The Hackathon Battle:

The main attraction of Hack Singapore was the hackathon competition itself. Teams of developers and strategists worked tirelessly to build Aptos-based applications over the course of three intense days. The prize? A chance at one of the fifteen awards from the $900K prize pool, along with ongoing incubator support and ecosystem assistance.

The competition was fierce, with brilliant ideas surpassing our wildest expectations, resulting in a truly competitive showcase of talent.

Demo Day emerged as the showstopper of Hack Singapore. Our esteemed panel of judges was impressed by every project presentation, making the selection of winners a challenging task.

Projects were rigorously evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Aptos Blockchain Utilization (30%): How effectively does the project leverage the unique capabilities of the Aptos blockchain?

  • Technical Merit (20%): How technically impressive is the project?

  • Innovation (20%): How novel and original is the project?

  • Project Completeness (20%): How much of the project is complete?

  • Future Potential (10%): Does the project have the potential to grow and inspire further innovation?

After careful consideration, 14 projects emerged victorious at Hack Singapore!

Introducing the 2023 Aptos World Tour Hack Singapore Winners:

Track: NFTs, Social, and Gaming

  • 1st Place: IntoTheVerse

    • Embark on a dungeon RPG adventure with Aptos Raiders by IntoTheVerse.

  • 2nd Place: Stickman

    • Design and store your own blockchain games with the Stickman platform.

  • 3rd Place: TowneSquare

Track: DeFi

  • 1st Place: AptosPay

    • A frictionless payment gateway providing seamless payment integration settled on Aptos Network.

  • 2nd Place: Amnis Finance

    • A liquid staking platform and access to advanced features.

  • 3rd Place: fxSwap by ISC

    • Allows users to exchange differently denominated stablecoins.

Track: Infrastructure, Tooling, and Public Goods

  • 1st Place: dAptoRator

    • Prevent scams and boost exposure with dAptoRator’s Aptos ecosystem review platform.

  • 2nd Place: Dddappp

    • With Move Forms by Dddappp, create Web3 forms effortlessly on the Dddappp low-code platform.

  • 3rd Place: Delegate

    • N/A

Track: Move’s Most Innovative

  • 1st Place: Econia Labs

    • Revolutionize coin distributions with Lockstream by Econia.

  • 2nd Place: Zabava Labs

    • Exploring new immersive game experiences and community building tools.

  • 3rd Place: Aptomingos

    • Real-time tournaments.

Track: Web3 x AI

  • 1st Place:

    • With ChatCrypto by, harness the power of AI for context-aware blockchain analytics, offering insights and ease of understanding.

  • 2nd Place: SwapGPT

    • Simplify DeFi with AI-powered aggregation, type-to-trade, and optimal execution routes across DEXs and Aggregators.

Honorable Mention: MoveFlowLabs, a programmable payment protocol that enables users to set up pre-defined transaction rules based on time and events.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be providing in-depth insights into these winning projects, tracing their journey from the hackathon to ecosystem integration. Stay tuned for more information!

A Round of Applause!

Let's give a hearty round of applause to our top teams. Congratulations to all the participants for making Aptos Hack Singapore an overwhelming success.

We eagerly anticipate what these talented teams will come up with next, and we hope that this hackathon has ignited a passion for Web3 technology in all of you.

Thank you to our Hack Singapore sponsors, guest speakers, conference leads, and community team members for their support. Stay tuned on X and LinkedIn for what’s next!

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