Introducing the Third Cohort of the Aptos Collective

The Aptos Collective is the Aptos Foundation’s ambassador program designed to bring together the most passionate members of our community.

It’s a platform for collaboration, offering direct paths to contribute to ecosystem projects, networking with Aptos ecosystem teams, and participating in exclusive initiatives that shape the future of Aptos.

Since its inception, the Aptos Collective has become a beacon of innovation and collaboration, fostering a community where ideas flourish and projects thrive. Through the collective efforts of our members, we've seen remarkable growth and development across the Aptos ecosystem.

As we continue to build on this momentum, the Aptos Foundation is excited to announce the opening of registrations for the third cohort of Aptos Collective members. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to fostering innovation and creativity within the Aptos community.

What is the Aptos Collective?

The Aptos Collective transcends traditional collaboration; it's a catalyst for innovation and a powerhouse of creativity. By joining, members gain invaluable networking opportunities with Aptos Foundation employees and key contributors from leading Aptos ecosystem projects. These interactions facilitate the exchange of ideas and insights, empowering members to make substantial contributions to the ecosystem.

Membership in the Aptos Collective offers a unique blend of access and opportunity, enabling individuals to contribute to community building and networking efforts across the Aptos ecosystem.

Benefits for Collective Members

Joining the Aptos Collective offers a range of benefits designed to empower members and the broader ecosystem:

  • Networking Opportunities: Direct engagement with core Aptos Foundation team members and key ecosystem contributors, such as those from Aptos Labs and beyond. 

  • Innovative Initiatives: Members will have access to apply to unique programs like the Collective Grants Program, designed to support projects that benefit the network.

  • Exclusive Contest: We're also in the planning stages of an exclusive contest for Aptos Collective members, including the third cohort, where prizes will be awarded for contributions to the ecosystem. One or more of the top contributors may even win a trip to our next major Aptos event. This would provide a fantastic opportunity for networking, learning, and experiencing the forefront of blockchain innovation.

Apply to Join the Aptos Collective Today

Ready to make a mark on Aptos and beyond? Apply to the third cohort of the Aptos Collective by March 1, 2024 and connect with industry leaders to drive the Aptos ecosystem forward.

Apply here.

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