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The Official Aptos Ambassador Program is here!

We are excited to launch the Aptos Collective, a home for Aptos’ top community contributors! The Aptos Collective will be open to the most engaged and involved members of the Aptos community, to support the growth of the Aptos community. 

Members of the Aptos Collective will work closely with core Aptos Foundation and Aptos Labs team members, contribute to the Aptos ecosystem, and gain valuable experience in Web3.

Four months after mainnet launch, we are humbled to see such a strong community form around Aptos. With new projects launching in our ecosystem every week, there is no better time to get involved. Community members across the globe have come together to form educational DAOs, host local hackathons, and run virtual workshops– and we’re excited to introduce a new way for community members to get involved.

Why Join the Aptos Collective?

By becoming a member, you will be at the forefront of one of Web3’s most dynamic movements. You’ll be a critical part of expanding the Aptos brand name globally, while getting access to exclusive perks:

  • Direct access to core team members of Aptos Labs

  • Limited edition Aptos Collective swag

  • Invitations to Aptos events in your area

  • A unique Collective Discord role

  • Career development via hands-on experience, mentoring, and training + access new job opportunities in the Aptos Ecosystem

  • Early access to test and review new Aptos features and Ecosystem projects

Stay tuned as we introduce additional rewards over time!

Contributing as a Collective Member

The Aptos Collective supports a wide range of people and skill sets, most of which are non-technical. A non-exhaustive list of core Collective activities includes:

  • Planning and supporting in person meet-ups for Aptos fans

  • Planning and running online events such as treasure hunts, quizzes, workshops, and contests

  • Localizing content

  • Creating visual explainers of Aptos and the Aptos ecosystem

  • Creating informative and engaging video content that explains Aptos

  • Memes, gifs, and stickers!

Roll-Out & First Cohort

To ensure the Aptos Collective can grow and thrive, we will be accepting new members in cohorts. We expect the first cohort to be accepted and onboarded in February 2023. Everyone is encouraged to apply from day one, regardless of background, language ability, or professional background. We are excited to welcome diverse skills and perspectives to the Collective!

If you don’t succeed on your first try– don’t be discouraged! Continuing as an active member of the Aptos community is the best way to increase your odds of being accepted in future cohorts. 

Next Steps: Upgrading AIT & Beyond

Before the launch of the Aptos network, AITs (Aptos Incentivized Testnets) was our way to select node operators for Mainnet, stress test our blockchain, and engage with the Aptos community to get people excited about the network.

After a successful Mainnet launch in October 2022, we wanted to transition our community program goals towards increasing ecosystem engagement, and usage of the Aptos blockchain. The Aptos Collective is one component of our renewed community engagement program, designed with our non-technical community in mind. 

We recognize that Aptos also has an entire community of builders and developers eager to make a bigger impact. To support these teams and individuals, we have introduced a bug bounty program for Aptos Core. Look out for many other new initiatives on the way, including new Aptos World Tour stops, online hackathons, community meet-up grants, quizzes, contests, and much more. 

We want every community member to have a pathway to making valuable contributions that are recognized. 

How to Apply

(Updated Feb 20, 2024)

Applications for the third cohort of the Aptos Collective will be accepted until March 1, 2024. Read more about new program benefits here.

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