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The largest network renting GPUs for AI workloads. Platforms
About is the largest GPU decentralized infrastructure network (DePIN) capable of serving the full lifecycle of AI/ML workloads, from model training to inferencing. With over 50K worker nodes and over 60K compute hours served in under four months since launch, is already reducing costs for AI/ML companies while helping data centers, miners, and consumers leverage underutilized GPU capacity to earn revenue. is uniquely capable of creating clusters of tens of thousands of GPUs, whether they are co-located or geo-distributed, while maintaining low latency for deployers. In addition to direct suppliers in the network, DePINs like Render (focused on image rendering) and Filecoin (focused on storage) also supply their compute capacity to in order to access monetization from AI/ML companies. is enabling an ecosystem of products and services built on top of compute as a currency, and is bringing AI to the world by reducing costs for AI/ML innovators.

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