Ecosystem Projects

Infra on Aptos

Discover Infra projects within the Aptos Ecosystem.
READYggFull tech stack, SDK, plug-ins for Unity, Unreal and other engines.
ShinamiA one-stop shop developer platform.
Space and TimeVerifiable compute decentralized data warehouse
zkMEA secure, private, and self-sovereign Identity Oracle based on ZKPs.
IndexerCross-chain NFT Indexing and API Infrastructure Helping Developers Get to Market Quicker with Their Web3 Applications
io.netThe largest network renting GPUs for AI workloads.
kycDAOWeb3 framework for compliant smart contracts
Mokshya ProtocolBuilding the future of dApps on Aptos
MoonpayYour Gateway to Web3
OverlaiA mobile AI photo protection app for creators.
Pyth NetworkLargest First Party Oracle Network
TruFinThe unified liquid staking standard.
Atem NetworkAtem Network is a decentralized content creation protocol
ICHI FoundationICHI develops DeFi products that make liquidity provision profitable.
IrysIrys is the only provenance layer.
KadeA decentralised social network.
NetsepioA decentralized "Yelp" / "Google review" for web3 projects.
Qiro FinanceOn-chain private credit infrastructure.
Streamflow FinanceToken distribution platform
Blast APIA multichain, Subscription-based, API Platform, Featuring the Fastest and Most Reliable Access to the Most Relevant Networks in Web3
BlockEdenSuite of APIs Powering dApps of all Sizes for Aptos
BlockPI NetworkA Distributed Multi-chain Acceleration Layer, Providing High Performance and Reliable RPC Services for Web3
ChainbaseAll-in-one Web3 Data Infrastructure for Accessing and Organizing Blockchain Data
ChainstackPowering Applications in DeFi, NFT, Gaming, Analytics, and Everything in Between
CrustWeb3.0 Storage for the Metaverse
EverstakeAdd staking to your wallet fast and securely
LavaThe modular data layer for web3
MoralisA Leading Data Provider for Reliable NFT, Wallet and Portfolio Data
MoveFlowMulti-Chain Programmable Payment Protocol
NFTScanThe World's Largest NFT Data Infrastructure, Supporting 14 Blockchain Networks
NodeRealA One-Stop Blockchain Infra Provider
NOWNodesRPC Node and Explorer API. One API key - 80+ blockchain networks
OKX WalletDecentralized multi-chain wallet & one stop solution
Spheron NetworkDeploy, manage & scale your applications utilising Web3 Infrastructure
SupraOraclesFast, Secure, Decentralised and Cross Chain Oracle
ZettaBlockThe Institutional-grade, Fully-managed Web3 Data Platform for Indexing, Real-time & Analytics, On- & Off‑chain
MagnaManage your token cap table and automate on-chain vesting.
AIOZ Network DePIN for Web3 AI, storage and streaming.
ConcordiaConcordia focuses on the problem of fragmented digital asset portfolios by offering a universal risk and collateral platform.
dWallet NetworkEnabling Zero Trust Protocols (ZTPs).
GincoA Web3 development solutions/wallet-as-a-service provider.
Nimble NetworkThe first modular AI orchestration network.
Remix IDESmart contract development tool for the web environment.
SwitchboardTrusted Execution Environment Based Customizable Oracle Protocol Which Offers a Suite of Computing Services Such as Data Feeds, Functions and Randomness

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