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Free mobile game tournaments for prizes of cash, crypto and more.Platforms
About TallyUP!

TallyUP is free global game tournament in which players compete to win significant cash, crypto and other valuable prizes. In short, TallyUP is a competition to win the revenue and ownership of the game itself. Unlike many other crypto games, TallyUP does not rely on ‘ponzinomics’, enabling the model to function sustainably in all market conditions. All winnings are shared partially vetted charities.

TallyUP games are quite unique—they are simple, 1-minute, PVP mind games that carefully mix Poker game theory with the simplicity of Rock Paper Scissors. TallyUP games are carefully designed to remain easy, enjoyable and winnable by any person, and are completely uncheatable, even when major economic incentives are on the line. This puts all players on a fair and even playing field and ensures the continued integrity of the tournament at all levels of scale.  In addition to operating its own tournaments and gameplay, TallyUP is uniquely suited as a marketing and growth platform for Web2 and Web3 brands. TallyUP’s B2B platform allows anyone to run highly gamified, engaging, and social giveaways that are far more valuable than traditional sweepstakes or raffles. Such giveaways play out over weeks or months, and can be customized to drive a host of valuable KPIs for the brand. This includes social media growth, onchain transactions, consumer education about products or services, wallet and account setups, and much more. In addition, TallyUP is building out the UP tournament protocol, which will enable all kinds of games and gamified applications to embrace web3 toward a more fair, open and rewarding competition paradigm. To date, TallyUP has been downloaded 1M+ times, had over 20M+ games played, and $1M+ has been won by players. More information can be found at

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