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Undying City

Mobile survival game built on Aptos. Platforms
About Undying City

Undying City is a free-to-play mobile survivor game where you control your character and fight hordes of enemies running at you. Users equip their characters with equipment which are in the form of NFTs. The equipment can be upgraded, fused and traded in the marketplace. Immerse yourself in a futuristic Sci-Fi world teeming with relentless enemies in this thrilling mobile game.

With intuitive one-handed controls, you'll navigate through hordes of the robots, utilizing a dynamic skill system to unleash devastating attacks. But that's not all—empower your gameplay by collecting and trading NFT-powered weapons and abilities, allowing you to gain the upper hand against your relentless scifi foes.

Prepare for an epic battle of survival, where strategic choices and powerful assets can mean the difference between life and death.  "Undying City" sets you amidst a dystopian future with a Sci-Fi twist. Here, survival is not just a challenge—it's an art.

Our game is meticulously crafted for mobile platforms, and we've focused on one-handed controls for a seamless gaming experience. You'll find yourself pitted against a swarm of relentless robotic adversaries, each encounter demanding strategic thinking and quick reflexes.

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