February Wrapped: Aptos Top Moments 2023

Aptos Top Moments February 2023 poster artwork
February was short, but Aptos kept it jam-packed with community events and ecosystem-wide innovation that drove peak performance and growth.

With all these network wins, we’re sharing our first ever Aptos Wrapped, a new monthly blog and email newsletter series, to make sure you stay up to date with every Aptos win!

From product releases to global meet-ups, here’s a recap of this month's latest happenings in the Aptos ecosystem.

Improving the Network

Aptos is constantly evolving to create the ultimate experience for our community. This month we launched a successful  v1.2 update to the network.

But even bigger changes are coming! 

Our next network update will bring a 100x reduction in execution gas costs and the first iteration of Move objects. Stay tuned for all the details. We can’t wait to share v1.3, which is coming to Aptos Testnet soon.

1.3 coming to testnet soon with a lot of exciting changes - including the 100x reduction in execution gas costs and the first iteration of Move objects! 1.2 was just launched in February. =) @Aptos_Network MOVES fast!


Release v1.3 is coming into Aptos Testnet soon! Find all the exciting changes in the release note here… Many AIPs will be rolled out with release v1.3 including the major gas reduction! 😎 You should be able to see them on Testnet by end of the week😍


Aptos World Tour Takes on Seoul 

February kicked off with the first stop of the Aptos World Tour in Seoul—what a major success for the community! 

We couldn’t have done it without everyone who participated. A big thank you to the 400+ builders who applied, 180+ hackers who joined in, 50 demo projects rolled out, and the 15 winners who won awards.

We were blown away by the creativity, passion, and skill displayed at our first-ever World Tour Hack. And it’s just the beginning.

Catch the Aptos World Tour in Amsterdam next on June 5-7. See you there!

NPIXEL Gives Sneak Peek of METAPIXEL 

The Aptos momentum in Korea was on fire! Our partner NPIXEL debuted a teaser of their immersive METAPIXEL experience built on Aptos. We’re excited about what's to come and to see more gameplay previews in the future.

Chingari Joins Aptos 

The global takeover doesn’t stop. Aptos welcomes the world’s fastest-growing on-chain social application, Chingari, to the network for ultimate scalability.

Chingari currently has 35-40M unique MAUs, 5M DAUs, 2.4M cumulative on-chain users, and onboarding 5-10K people per day. With the Aptos expansion, Chingari plans to launch outside India for the first time.

Together, we’re excited to raise the bar for the future of decentralized social media.

Moralis Goes Live

Building and launching dapps on Aptos just got easier with the launch of Moralis.

The Aptos-specific Web3 APIs on Moralis provide devs the power and functionality to develop and deploy all projects on Aptos. This is a significant win for everyone building on Aptos, and we’re excited to see what comes next.

Check out Moralis:

Aptos Labs’ Verified SDK Live on Unity Asset Store

The Unity-verified software development kit (SDK) from Aptos Labs is now available on the new Decentralization Unity Asset Store.

The SDK is full of gaming developer tools that will help devs design true and immutable ownership of in-game assets and the ability to port virtual goods. Plus, it continues to enable interoperability and transparency within gaming.

Visit the Unity Asset Store:

Applications Open: Aptos x Outlier Move Accelerator

We’re supporting ecosystem growth from all corners of the community.

The Aptos x Outlier Move Accelerator is an in-person program supporting startups building on the Aptos network and redefining the Web3 user experience across gaming, social, DeFi,  NFTs, and infrastructure. 

Whether you’re a Web3 startup looking to build or want to make big things happen, this accelerator program is an excellent opportunity to get the support you need to succeed. Outlier Ventures will run the program and be powered by the Aptos network. 

Apply today:

ETH Denver Meetup

ETH Denver was a great event for community networking, building, workshops, panels, and more. We were excited to be there, kicking off the week at Interop Summit, sharing Aptos with new friends and our loyal community. 

Aptos Co-founder & CTO Avery spoke at the event outlining the Aptos 2023 Outlook, giving the audience a glimpse into what we have in store for this year and beyond.

Aptos Collective Heats Up

Our gratitude for this community has no bounds. The love was pouring in with our Collective launch, which reached 16K applications in just three days! 

Home for Aptos’ top community contributors, the ambassador program will support Aptos' growth around the world and is open to the community’s most engaged members of all skills and backgrounds. 

Learn more about the Aptos Collective at

Hitting All-Time Highs

It’s been an exciting month for Aptos, with the community and ecosystem growing together. We’ve hit some milestones that we’re proud to share.

63.7m Total Value Locked, 2.1k+ Peak Sustained Real World TPS, 101M+ Total Transactions (to Date), 3.2M Total Addresses (to Date), 100+ Projects Live
  • $63.7M TVL

  • Peak sustained real world TPS: 2.1K+

  • Total transactions (to date): 101M+

  • Total addresses created (to date): 3.2M

  • 100+ projects live across wallets, gaming, NFTs, DeFi, infra

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