Navigating the Future of DeFi on Aptos with LayerZero and Stargate

Aptos Foundation is thrilled to expand its work with LayerZero and Stargate to help users more easily navigate DeFi on Aptos—starting with simplified cross-chain interoperability.

TL;DR: The future of DeFi is happening on Aptos.

Breaking Boundaries in DeFi Navigation

Stargate’s Aptos Bridge uses the LayerZero protocol to facilitate the seamless use and bridging of assets cross-chain. To help break down barriers navigating the DeFi landscape, StargateDAO is removing the daily transaction limit and reducing bridging time that previously hindered builders using the Aptos Bridge. Now, builders can enjoy more scalability and autonomy with Aptos.

To help developers get started with the Aptos Bridge, a resource library is being created by Aptos Foundation, LayerZero and Stargate. The library will feature tutorials for Aptos-based dApps and ecosystem projects, including Amnis Finance, Aptin Labs, Aries Markets, Cellana Finance, Econia Labs, Liquidswap, Kana Labs, Merkle Trade, PancakeSwap, Pontem Wallet and Thala Labs. The integration of these decentralized apps via LayerZero contributes to a more interconnected, efficient, and innovative DeFi future on Aptos.

Moving to the Next Era in DeFi

Aptos is notably the first non-EVM blockchain integrated with LayerZero. The Move language and native features like unrivaled speed, latency, throughput and 99.9% uptime reliability position Aptos as the go-to blockchain for the next era in DeFi.

VP of Business Development at LayerZero Labs Simon Baksys says, “Between the safety net provided by the Move programming language to its resource management capabilities, unmatched transaction speed, parallel execution engine, and scalability, there’s no question Aptos is vital to help realize our vision of a completely interoperable future of decentralized finance.” 

Testimonials: Empowering DeFi Exploration on Aptos

The Aptos Bridge is a vital piece of Merkle Trade’s omnichain onboarding, allowing people to connect using any EVM or Aptos wallet, deposit funds and get started in under one minute. Paired with 1-click trading and negligible gas fees on Aptos, Stargate and LayerZero help to create a seamless and simple experience for anyone.
Ye Park, CEO & Co-Founder, Merkle Trade
Stargate’s Aptos Bridge is the premier path for entering the Aptos DeFi ecosystem and serves as a backbone for Econia markets.”
Michael Catt, Head of Business Development, Econia Labs
Aries is pioneering the DeFi landscape on Aptos through cross-chain interoperability enabled only with Aptos Bridge powered by LayerZero. Our commitment to ecosystem collaboration, especially with Stargate, ensures that users can enjoy seamless, secure, and efficient experiences across multiple chains. We're proud to enable users to navigate the DeFi space with unprecedented agility and interconnectedness.
Gabriel Wong, Founder, Aries Markets
As the leading DeFi hyperapp on Aptos, onboarding users from other chains is critical for us. The integration of the Aptos Bridge, powered by LayerZero and Stargate in the Thala Frontend, facilitates the onboarding of EVM users from a wide range of chains by enabling them to bridge their funds. Features such as adding gas fees at the destination and bridging tracker create a seamless bridging experience.
Adam Cader, Co-Founder, Thala Labs
Thanks to Aptos Bridge, Amnis Finance will bring more flexibility to users when participating in the DeFi ecosystem—creating a multiplier effect that boosts activity for the whole Aptos network.
Eric Nguyen, CEO, Amnis Finance
Cellana Finance chose to build on Aptos because of its rapid transaction speed, cost-effectiveness, and robust security. Moreover, Aptos’s instant finality (less than 1s) will be a significant strength in attracting a variety of financial applications from Web 2 in the future.
Andy Hoang, CEO, Cellana Finance
Aptin Finance drives secure, intuitive, and seamless financial interactions for Aptos users. Aligned with Aptos's vision, we aim to establish a nexus of cross-chain DeFi opportunities for a diverse global community. This vision is made possible through the Aptos Bridge, leveraging robust cross-chain capabilities of LayerZero and Stargate.
Elvis Woo, CTO & Co-Founder, Aptin Finance

Looking Ahead: A More Accessible Future

In the coming months, Aptos Foundation, LayerZero, and Stargate will unveil additional improvements aimed at simplifying bridging to Aptos. Meanwhile, builders can access the resource library to kickstart their journey into the seamlessly interconnected world of DeFi on Aptos

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