Ecosystem Projects

Abel FinanceA Move Cross-Chain Lending Platform
AnimeSwapDecentralized Exchange on Aptos
Aptin LabsThe Decentralized Lending Protocol on Aptos
Aries MarketsDecentralized Digital Exchange With in-built Money Markets, Your Key Your Coin
BaptSwapBringing Aptos Proprietary Tokenmechanics | The first DEX to Offer Fee-on-swap Tokens on Aptos!
Cetus Pioneer DEX and Concentrated Liquidity Protocol Built on Aptos
ConcordiaConcordia focuses on the problem of fragmented digital asset portfolios by offering a universal risk and collateral platform.
EconiaHyper-parallelized On-chain Order Book for the Aptos Network Blockchain
FerumBuilding the Fastest and Most Efficient CLOB on Aptos Network. Spearheading Aptos DeFi
Foil LabsDeFi Super app. Providing the Lowest Fee Stable Swap/cross Chain Liquidity Protocol in the Move Ecosystem
Hippo LabsThe Aggregation Layer of Aptos
HoustonSwapThe 1st Concentrated Liquidity DEX with Automated Liquidity Management and Strategy on Aptos
Kana LabsFriendly Super-app for DeFi. Building the Future of web3
Merkle TradeTrade Crypto & Forex with Leverage up to 1,000x
PancakeSwapMultichain on BNB Chain, ETH & Aptos
Pontem NetworkIncubating Pontem Wallet, & More
Seam MoneyRisk-Adjusted Structured DeFi Vault Strategies and Move Developer Tools for Aptos
Thala LabsDeFi HyperApp – Powered by Move, Now Live on Aptos
UmiSmart DEX Aggregator for Smart Traders