Ecosystem Projects

Kana Labs

Friendly Super-app for DeFi. Building the Future of web3

A NetMarble and Jump Crypto project, Kana Labs is building the next-gen cross-chain ecosystem of DeFi, GameFi & NFTs. We have built a core foundation layer of aggregated bridges and blockchains on which the next-gen tools for DeFi and Gamefi would be built - an ecosystem for seamless transactions, a layer-1 for Web3 and games to bridge through. Lastly, we have the cheapest + fastest swap rates across on our dapp. Our smart wallet features - AA (Account Abstraction), social logins and everything customised.

Abel FinanceA Move Cross-Chain Lending Platform
AnimeSwapDecentralized Exchange on Aptos
Aptin LabsThe Decentralized Lending Protocol on Aptos
Aries MarketsDecentralized Digital Exchange With in-built Money Markets, Your Key Your Coin