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dWallet Network

Enabling Zero Trust Protocols (ZTPs). Platforms
About dWallet Network

The dWallet is our implementation of a building block for protocols to employ a Zero Trust architecture. Not to be confused with a wallet app or interface, dWallets are low level infrastructure, a new cryptographic primitive that can be used by Web3 builders as building blocks for Zero Trust Protocols.

dWallets generate user signatures to other chains, utilizing their existing Zero Trust mechanism. However that is not enough, and the process of generating the signature by the dWallet needs to be performed in a Zero Trust model as well. That is done by cryptographically requiring the user to perform actions, instead of trusting a 3rd party.

For a dWallet signature to be generated, the user is cryptographically required, together with the dWallet Network’s consensus. A dWallet signature can be verified, cryptographically confirming that both the user and the network participated, preserving the Zero Trust model where verification is always required. This unique architecture is made possible with our novel 2PC-MPC protocol, making dWallets the first infrastructure for multi-chain ZTPs.

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