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About MoveFlow

MoveFlow is a programmable payment protocol that enables users to set up pre-defined transaction rules based on time and events. We help you streamline complex contract-based payment process through automated smart contracts.

Time-based programmable payment product allows users to set up payment rules based on time parameters, enabling automated payments like recurring payroll, token management and subscription.

Event-based programmable payment product enables users to define payment rules triggered by specific events or milestones, such as quest rewards, DAO bounty or data billing based on API calls.

Recurring payroll product enables employers to schedule regular salary payments to employees automatically, ensuring timely and accurate disbursements. This reduces the administrative burden minimizes the risk of human error and enhancing overall payroll management.

Token management product enables pre-scheduled and secure token vesting. Projects can implement cliff or linear vesting schedules, aligning stakeholder interests, safeguarding investor rights, and promoting long-term commitment.

Programmable transaction rules make it an ideal solution for managing subscription-based services. Service providers can automate subscription billing cycles, ensuring that users are charged at the specified intervals without manual intervention.

Quest Reward feature addresses the realm of task-based marketing platforms. With this innovative capability, businesses can seamlessly implement and automate quest-based campaigns, incentivizing users to complete specific tasks or actions to earn rewards.

The MoveFlow SDK provides a robust set of tools, documentation, and resources, empowering developers to seamlessly integrate programmable payment features into their projects, so that businesses can streamline complex payment processes, enhance user experiences, and create a more efficient payment system.

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