Ecosystem Grants

Apply for Aptos Ecosystem Grants to develop on-chain applications and enhance community functionality. Ideal for builders working on tools and educational activities.


We’re actively seeking innovators who are developing on-chain applications that leverage and integrate the Aptos protocol, and who are driving transformation and functionality within our community. Whether you’re creating tools that enhance our platform or crafting educational material to expand the community, these grants are designed to enable your growth.

While Ecosystem Grants typically range from $5,000 to $50,000, the amount of awards will be determined based on several factors, as outlined below.

Guiding Principles

Key considerations for Ecosystem Grants

  • Open-Source Spirit

    Aim for collaboration and shared progress. Projects that are open-source fit well here

  • Public Good

    Your project should stand as a beacon for the broader Aptos ecosystem and enhance the network

  • Forge New Paths

    Seeking projects that break the mold and introduce new possibilities within the Aptos ecosystem

  • Lead with Move

    Showcase the power and potential of the Move language and push the boundaries of what's possible on Aptos

Now Accepting Applications

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