Gas Station

Apply for Aptos Foundation's Gas Station program to support your project's growth. Leverage Sponsored Transactions for gasless transactions and boost on-chain activity.


“Gas Station” is part of a new accelerator program by Aptos Foundation to support projects focused on growth and scaling within the Aptos ecosystem. This initiative leverages Aptos’ Sponsored Transaction feature, allowing dApps to sponsor gas fees for their users. 

Accepted projects are eligible to receive up to a 1,000 APT grant to cover network gas fees for user transactions.

Guiding Principles

Key considerations for the Gas Station program

  • On-Chain Activity

    Projects must be active on the Aptos mainnet with a minimum of 1,000 on-chain transactions per week.

  • Gas Station Integration

    You must utilize Sponsored Transactions to access the Gas Station grants.

  • Social Campaign

    Projects are expected to get the word out and inform their users that they are eligible for sponsored transactions and publicly announce the receipt of the Gas Station subsidy.

Now Accepting Applications

Unlock the power of “gasless” transactions