Security Audit Credits

Apply for the Security Credits program to support your project's growth. Receive security audit credits and enhance the scalability and security of your dApps.


The Security Audit Credits (SecCreds) program is part of a new accelerator program by Aptos Foundation that supports projects focused on growth and scaling within the Aptos ecosystem.

This initiative provides eligible projects security audit credits worth up to $25,000 USDC.

Guiding Principles

Key considerations for the SecCreds program

  • Launch-Ready Project

    You have a project on Aptos Testnet and plan on launching to Mainnet within 30 days. Alternatively, you’re a project on Aptos Mainnet and require security audits for updates based on the latest Aptos protocol standards.

  • Identity Verification Within the Past Six Months

    If more than six months have passed since you’ve completed the identity verification process, you’ll need to renew. Wallet addresses will be collected via email, and the approved grant will be paid to that address.

Now Accepting Applications

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