Aptos Regional Spotlights: 2023 End of Year Reflections

To celebrate 2023 coming to a close, Aptos community leaders look back at the incredible achievements across the ecosystem. Dive into the top community highlights of 2023.

Web3 moves fast – and on Aptos, 2023 flew by in the blink of an eye! Around the world, the Aptos community spent the year celebrating launch after launch, success after success – every day a new win from the vibrant Aptos ecosystem. 

Who better to share these amazing, global achievements than Aptos community leaders. We asked Aptos community managers and ecosystem leads to reflect on the past 12 months. Take a look at their favorite moments from 2023 and get inspired. Onward to 2024!

Q: What is your favorite community highlight or update from your Aptos region?

My favorite highlight this year was the first-ever Aptos China Community Space where we gathered 86K listeners and became the top 1 Aptos AMA and space this year.
Boyu, Community Manager, Aptos China
The best highlight was the "Aptos Tokyo Meetup" held at CÉ LA VI in Tokyo in October to coincide with [Aptos Labs’ CEO] Mo's visit to Japan. The meeting here led to subsequent connections with many organizations. It was a great event that made more people aware of Aptos, both on an individual and large corporate level.
Takeshi, Community Manager, Aptos Japan
What stood out were Aptos Africa collaborations and Twitter space AMAs with ecosystem projects. They were lively and informative events, getting the community members informed about them even quite early. 
Benjamin, Community Manager, Aptos Africa

Q: What is your favorite Aptos community memory? 

I attended a big crypto event called "COINFEST ASIA" together with the Aptos community in Bali for 3 days, and after the event ended, I held the 2nd Aptos Community Meetup in Bali with several crypto communities in Indonesia.
Gusma, Community Manager, Aptos Indonesia
The Hackholland hackathon in Amsterdam which I visited and enjoyed. The atmosphere was great and could meet the Aptos team.
JoVaR, Community Manager, Aptos CIS
For me, the announcement and launch of the Aptos Ambassador Program.
Paul, Community Manager, Aptos Poland

Q: Which Aptos partnership or product launch do you think was the most important and why?

The partnership with Sushi Swap, because of bringing EVM builders and users to get to know Aptos for more adoption.
Gusma, Community Manager, Aptos Indonesia
I believe the most significant partnership has been with Microsoft. Not only is Microsoft a highly impactful project globally, but it also brings numerous benefits to Web3 users, catering to both developers and non-developers. The AI x DeFi innovation encompasses areas such as asset tokenization, payments, and Central Bank digital currencies, driving the adoption of Web3 by financial enterprises among other benefits.
Jorge, Regional Community Manager, Aptos Spanish
From my point of view, I think Digital Asset Standard is one of this year's most impactful. This new standard will have an impact on the entire NFT sector, enabling creators and developers to create exciting new narratives.
Lvmh, Regional Community Manager, Aptos French

Q: What makes you the most proud about Aptos in 2023?

Aptos has a strategy and capabilities that set it apart from many projects, and I think this is actually manifested in its partnerships with giant companies. Also, the way they find a path to effectively achieve adoption by a billion people, as they did with KYD Labs, is excellent. I am proud of Aptos' execution and foresight.
Takeshi, Community Manager, Aptos Japan
The developers have achieved great success in optimising the networks in terms of gas fees, transaction speed and security via multiple releases. Also, the growth of ecosystem projects and their support to each other is pleasant to see.
Dev, Global & Regional Community Manager, Aptos India
Quite a few things… but Previewnet: Blockchains talk about scale, but none (if any) truly demonstrate it. I also love that we have integrity in the numbers that we publish, the numbers that anyone in the world can replicate.
Naresh, Aptos Foundation India Ecosystem Lead
Many things make me proud of Aptos, but if I had to choose just one, I would say it's the community. In just one year since the mainnet launch, it has already thrived and continues to grow relentlessly. This momentum speaks to the commitment and enthusiasm of the members, creating an environment conducive to the network's flourishing. 
Lvmh, Regional Community Manager, Aptos French

Q: What are you most looking forward to in 2024? 

Propagating MOVE as the pioneering language to build large-scale web3 applications. Breakthrough technology in parallelism and consensus that will leapfrog us (while the world is still catching up on BlockSTM). Becoming the #1 non-evm chain that is to exist.
Naresh, Aptos Foundation India Ecosystem Lead
More of everything! Steady and incremental progress on all fronts for Aptos, while staying true and authentic to ourselves and our community. 
Jerome, Aptos Foundation APAC Ecosystem Lead
People are now beginning to truly grasp the immense potential of Aptos. I can see it crystal clear by the excitement around it—from Microsoft to Graffio, from SushiSwap to AptosOne. I believe that in 2024, this momentum will only intensify, and I can hardly contain my excitement for the energy that will burst forth when combined with our ever-growing community!
Dilek, Community Manager, Aptos Turkey
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